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102 Dalmatians: Puppies To The RescueAction (Action)
Action BassFishing (Sports)
Activision ClassicsAction Compilation (Misc/Action)
Akuji The HeartlessAction (Action)
Ape EscapeAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
ApocalypseAction (Action)
Arcade Party PackAction Compilation (Misc/Action)
Armored Core: Master Of ArenaAction (Action)
Army Men 3DAction (Action)
Assault: RetributionAction (Action)
AsteroidsShooting (Action)
Azure DreamsRPG (RPG)
Ball BreakersFuture Sports (Sports/Action)
Batman And RobinBeat 'em Up (Action)
Big AirWinter Sports (Sports)
BladeAction (Action)
Blasto3D Platform (Action)
Bloody Roar 23D Fighting (Fighting)
BoomBotsFighting (Fighting)
Breath Of Fire 4RPG (RPG)
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2Bowling (Sports)
Bugs Bunny: Lost In TimeAction (Action)
Buzz Lightyear Of Star CommandAction (Action)
Castrol Honda Superbike RacingRacing (Racing)
Championship MotocrossRacing (Racing)
Chicken RunAction (Action)
Civilization 2Strategy (Strategy)
Cool Boarders 4Winter Sports (Sports)
Covert Ops: Nuclear DawnAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Crash BashParty Game (Party)
Crash Team RacingRacing (Racing)
Croc 23D Platform (Action)
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMXSports (Sports)
Deathtrap DungeonAction Adventure (Action/Action)
Demolition RacerAuto Racing (Racing)
Die Hard TrilogyAction (Action)
Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las VegasAction (Action)
Dino CrisisAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Dino Crisis 2Action Adventure (Action/Adventure)
DinosaurAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Dragon SeedsSimulation (Strategy)
DriverVehicle Combat (Action)
Dukes Of Hazzard, The: Racing For HomeRacing (Racing)
Echo NightAdventure (Adventure)
ECW Hardcore RevolutionWrestling (Sports/Fighting)
EinhanderShooting (Action)
Emperor's New Groove, TheAction (Action)
Evil Dead: Hail To The KingAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Evil Zone3D Fighting (Fighting)
Fear EffectAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Fighter Maker3D Fighting (Fighting)
Fighting Force 2Beat 'em Up (Action)
Final Fantasy 7RPG (RPG)
Final Fantasy 8RPG (RPG)
Formula 1 '99Auto Racing (Racing)
Gex 3: Deep Cover GeckoPlatform (Action)
G-Police 2: Weapons Of JusticeAction (Action)
Grand Theft Auto 2Action (Action)
Grudge WarriorsVehicle Combat (Action)
Guardian's CrusadeRPG (RPG)
Hogs Of WarAction (Action)
Hot Shots GolfGolf (Sports)
Hot Shots Golf 2Golf (Sports)
Hot Wheels: Turbo RacingRacing (Racing)
Irritating StickAction (Action)
Jersey Devil3D Platform (Action)
Jet Moto 3Future Racing (Racing)
K-1 Grand Prix3D Fighting (Fighting)
Knockout KingsBoxing (Sports)
KoudelkaAdventure RPG (RPG)
Legacy Of Kain: Soul ReaverAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Looney Tunes RacingRacing (Racing)
Madden NFL 2000Football (Sports)
Marvel Super Heroes2D Fighting (Fighting)
Marvel vs. Capcom2D Fighting (Fighting)
Medal Of HonorFirst-Person Shooting (Action)
Medal Of Honor: UndergroundFirst-Person Shooting (Action)
MediEvil 2Action Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Megaman Legends 2Action RPG (Action/RPG)
Megaman X5Action (Action)
Metal Gear SolidAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Metal Gear Solid: VR MissionsAction (Action)
MLB 2001Baseball (Sports)
MTV Sports: SkateboardingSports (Sports)
MTV Sports: SnowboardingWinter Sports (Sports)
NASCAR 2000Auto Racing (Racing)
NBA Basketball 2000Basketball (Sports)
NCAA Football 2000Football (Sports)
NCAA GameBreaker 2001Football (Sports)
Need For Speed 3: Hot PursuitAuto Racing (Racing)
Need For Speed: High StakesAuto Racing (Racing)
NFL Blitz 2000Football (Sports)
NFL GameDay 2001Football (Sports)
NFL Xtreme 2Football (Sports)
NGEN RacingRacing (Racing)
NHL '98Hockey (Sports)
NHL 2000Hockey (Sports)
NHL Championship 2000Hockey (Sports)
NHL FaceOff 2000Hockey (Sports)
NHL Rock The RinkHockey (Sports)
Nightmare CreaturesAction (Action)
Omega BoostShooting (Action)
OneAction (Action)
Pac-Man World3D Platform (Action)
Pandemonium 2Platform (Action)
PaRappa The RapperMusic Action (Action)
Parasite Eve 2Action Adventure (Action/Adventure)
PlayStation To PlayStation 2 ConverterMiscellaneous (Misc)
Power Spike: Pro Beach VolleyballVolleyball (Sports)
Rainbow SixFirst-Person Shooting (Action)
Rayman 2: The Great Escape3D Platform (Action)
RC Stunt CopterAction (Action)
RebootAction (Action)
Resident Evil 2Action Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Resident Evil 3: NemesisAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Resident Evil: SurvivorFirst-Person Shooting (Action)
Rhapsody: A Musical AdventureRPG (RPG)
Ridge Racer Type 4Auto Racing (Racing)
Rising Zan: The Samurai GunmanAction (Action)
Road Rash 3DVehicle Combat (Action)
Road Rash: JailbreakVehicle Combat (Action)
R-Type DeltaShooting (Action)
Silent HillAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Sled StormWinter Sports (Sports)
Smurfs, TheAction (Action)
South Park: Chef's Luv ShackGame Show (Party)
Space InvadersShooting (Action)
Spec Ops: Stealth PatrolAction (Action)
Speed PunksRacing (Racing)
Spider-ManAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Spyro The Dragon3D Platform (Action)
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!3D Platform (Action)
Star Trek: InvasionAction (Action)
Street Fighter Alpha 32D Fighting (Fighting)
Street Fighter EX 2 Plus3D Fighting (Fighting)
Street Sk8er 2Sports (Sports)
Strider 2Action (Action)
SuperCross CircuitRacing (Racing)
Surf RidersSports (Sports)
Sydney 2000Sports (Sports)
Syphon FilterAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Syphon Filter 2Action Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Tail ConcertoAction RPG (Action/RPG)
TarzanAction (Action)
Tekken 33D Fighting (Fighting)
Tenchu: Stealth AssassinsAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Tenchu 2: Birth Of The Stealth AssassinsAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Test Drive 5Auto Racing (Racing)
Test Drive 6Auto Racing (Racing)
Test Drive: LeMansAuto Racing (Racing)
Test Drive: Off-Road 2Auto Racing (Racing)
Thrasher: Skate And DestroySports (Sports)
Tiny Tank: Up Your ArsenalAction (Action)
Tomba!3D Platform (Action)
Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return3D Platform (Action)
Tomb Raider 2: The Dagger Of XianAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Tomb Raider 3: Adventures Of Lara CroftAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Tomb Raider: The Last RevelationAction Adventure (Action/Adventure)
Tomorrow Never DiesFirst-Person Shooting (Action)
Tony Hawk's Final Fantasy Amateur SkaterSports RPG (Sports/RPG)
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterSports (Sports)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2Sports (Sports)
Toy Story 2Action (Action)
T.R.A.G.: Mission Of MercyAction (Action)
Trick'N SnowboarderWinter Sports (Sports)
Triple Play 2000Baseball (Sports)
Twisted Metal 4Vehicle Combat (Action)
Um Jammer LammyMusic Action (Action)
Vagrant StoryRPG (RPG)
Vigilante 8Vehicle Combat (Action)
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing TourRacing (Racing)
Warpath: Jurassic ParkFighting (Fighting)
WCW Backstage AssaultWrestling (Sports/Fighting)
WCW MayhemWrestling (Sports/Fighting)
Wild 9Platform (Action)
Wipeout 3Future Racing (Racing)
World Is Not Enough, TheFirst-Person Shooting (Action)
WWF: AttitudeWrestling (Sports/Fighting)
WWF: SmackdownWrestling (Sports/Fighting)
WWF: WarzoneWrestling (Sports/Fighting)
Xena: Warrior PrincessAction (Action)
XenogearsRPG (RPG)
X-Men: Mutant Academy3D Fighting (Fighting)
X-Men vs. Street Fighter2D Fighting (Fighting)
You Don't Know JackGame Show (Party)

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