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Restore health

While playing the game, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, then L3 + Right.

Restore time dilation

While playing the game, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right then L3 + Up.

Defeating Paavlo

You will fight Paavlo, Drowns, and Burrowers before going on the spaceship. At first you must fight him in sword mode. Keep hitting him and after you get him to about one third health, he sends Drowns in sets of three for four times in a row. After that, you will fight him again. After a little below half health, he will pull out a cylinder with lasers on high and on low (meaning that some lasers are on the bottom and the others are on the top). After that, you fight him again. When he has very little health, he sends out Burrowers in a group of two then a group of three. Fight and defeat him again and he leaves as in the other times.

After Paavlo gets on to the platform for the second time, immediately run to the door to the sync node. It will make four beams, two high and two low. Run into the side of the door and turn the camera around while running away from the center of the place. You should now only have to jump whenever a high beam comes around. It may seem like the low beams will hit you, but they will not.

In the first Boss battle with Paavo, when the rotating beams appear, morph to stealth form and crawl to the edge of the damaged runway (directly under Paavo). The beams will pass over you - there is no need to jump or dodge.

In the final Boss battle against Paavo, in the first series use the following forms: Red = Stealth; Purple = Sword; Blue = Gun Form. When he folds his cannons in, an indicator will appear around his pod. Click the Right Analog-stick to activate time dilation attack. In the second series, fight him as you did in the previous two battles. In the third series, this is just a game of "Pong".

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