Arena Football: Road To Glory

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All teams

Enter "LFAOPEN" as a profile name to unlock all teams in Play Now mode.

Maximum attributes for all players

Enter "IronMen" as a profile name for all players to have maximum attributes in Play Now mode.

Arena All-Stars team

Convert the first five field goal attempts in the Field Goal Challenge to unlock the Arena All-Stars team. This team includes John Elway, Ron Jaworski, Mike Ditka, Jerry Jones, Tim McGraw, Glyn Milburn, and AFL commisioner David Baker.

Classic teams

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding classic team:

    Albany Firebirds: Successfully complete the "Be the Reciever" challenge.
    Anheim Piranhas: Successfully complete the "Kicking" challenge.
    Buffalo Destroyers: Successfully complete the "Jack Linebacker" challenge.
    Charlotte Rage: Successfully complete the "Wall Hit" challenge.
    Chicago Bruisers: Get six touchdowns in one game.
    Cincinnati Rockers: Score two rushing touchdowns in one game.
    Columbus Thunderbolts: Get four touchdown receptions with one player in one game.
    Dallas Texans: Get 300 recieving yards in one game.
    Detroit Drive: Get four interceptions in one game.
    Florida Bobcats: Return an interception for a touchdown.
    Las Vegas Sting: Return a kick for a touchdown (kickoff or missed field goal).
    Los Angles Cobras: Kick a 20 yard field goal.
    Milwaukee Mustangs: Complete a 30+ yard pass.
    Minesota Fighting Pike: Complete a 40+ yard pass.
    New England Sea Wolves: Get a safety.
    New England Steamrollers: Complete five consecutive passes.
    New Orleans Night: Play a game with no interceptions thrown.
    Oklahoma Wranglers: Get four defensive stops in one game.
    San Antonio Force: Get two interceptions by one player in one game.
    St. Louis Stampede: Successfully complete the "Mac Linebacker" challenge.
    Texas Terror: Successfully complete the "Telementary" challenge.
    Washington Comandos: Successfully complete the "Coverage Maneuver" challenge.

-Some information from: Jonathan Bialstock

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