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Good rookie

Create a rookie and enter "HOT DOG" as a name. He will automatically have good stats.

Easy points

When you and your opponent fill up your point bar, wait until your opponent uses Power Blast. Then, strike the batter out with Big Heat and you will get 100,000 points for a Big Strike Out. You must do this a few times.

Easy home runs

When you can get bat graphics, select the flame bat. Then, try to get your power ratings to the maximum to automatically hit home runs.

While at bat, aim the batter in his batting direction and slightly up, then press Circle to hit a home run. For example, if the batter is right-handed, aim him to the right and up and press Circle. Usually this will result in a home run.

Easy Contact/Distance hitting in Rookie Challenge

You can get a better score for hitting in these drills if you place a pitcher with the fewest pitches in the first slot in your pitching rotation. The fewer the pitches, the more likely you will know what he is going to throw. This works even better if you have a relief pitcher who has all fastball types of pitches (for example, fastball, 2-seam fastball, cutter). If you know what is being thrown, it will make it much easier to hit the ball. Make sure the pitchers you wish to use during the game are not on the "bench", otherwise you cannot use them during the game. With this exception, it does not matter what your pitching rotation order is, because you can select them before the start of the game. Note: This trick does not work for All-Star weekend.

Recommended players

In the Rookie Challenge, you have the opportunity of stealing ten players. Take outfielders first because if somebody gets a hold of a hanging curve you want speed; glove; and if someone is in scoring position, a good arm. These are two groups of outfielders that have those attributes. These outfielders should improve your win percentage and increase your number of shutouts and no hitters for experienced players.

American League

    Carl Crawford
    Vlad Guerrero
    Torri Hunter
    Alex Rios
    Vernon Wells

National League

    Andruw Jones
    Carlos Lee
    Jason Bay
    Carlos Beltran
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