Bloody Roar 3

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Play as Kohryu

Play through arcade mode without using any continues until you face Kohryu on stage 5. Defeat him to unlock him as a playable character. -From: and

Play as Uranus

Play through arcade mode and defeat Xion without using any continues up to that point. Defeat Uranus to unlock her as a playable character. -From:

No blocking mode

Obtain first place in arcade mode to unlock no blocking mode.

Expert mode

Successfully complete arcade mode without continuing to unlock a hard difficulty setting.

One-hit knockdown mode

Obtain first place in sudden death mode to unlock one-hit knockdown mode. -From:

High speed mode

Win 100 fights in survival mode with one character to unlock high speed mode.

Low speed mode

Obtain a ranking in arcade mode with all characters to unlock low speed mode.

One fall mode

Win 20 rounds in survival mode with one character to unlock one fall mode. In this mode, the first character to fall will loose, but they will be invincible to all other attacks.

Gallery pictures

Successfully complete the game with a character to unlock their images in the picture gallery.

Debug mode (Japanese version)

Enter the options screen from the main menu, then hold L2 and press Circle.

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