Choro Q

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Cheat mode (Japanese version)

Enter "BPROMOHE" as a name to unlock all parts and have 1 million G.

Easy money

Start the game with a new profile and you will have $7,000 to begin with. End the months until the photo shop is open. Take a photo ID and you will be able to buy lottery tickets. End the months until the bank is selling lottery tickets. Make sure you have saved your game. Go to the bank and buy all the lottery tickets as possible. End the month, and when you start the next month, go to the bank to check if you have the winning lottery tickets. If you have won, save the game and buy more tickets. If you lost, load your saved game and buy the tickets again. Repeat this as much as desired. You can also transfer all your money to another profile.

Farting breakdancer

When three people come up to you, they will ask for money. If you do not give them any money, they will keep asking you, no matter what. One will show you yoga moves, the other will just jump up and down, and the last one will breakdance. However, if you do not give money to him, he will turn around and fart. This will only happen further in the game when you are just riding around.

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