Clock Tower 3

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ

Alternate costumes

Successfully complete the game. Load the saved game to start a new game with a key in your inventory that will open the closet in Alissa's room, allowing five different costumes to be worn.

Clear mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock Clear mode. This mode is a more difficult version of the game with enemies have more powerful weapons and your character's panic goes to full when surprised.

View FMV sequences

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Cinema Theater" option at the main menu. Press R1 in the Cinema Theater screen to view art from the game.

Get out of panic mode

To get out of panic mode either use Lavender Water; or while you are running and Alyssa, stops keep pressing X. She will be able to move again.

Timing the charge for an arrow

If you do not know when to fire the arrow, count ten seconds, then fire. You can also count seven seconds and fire, but it will not be as strong.

Get rid of the moth

Although moths may appear as if they are your friends, they are not. If they get near you, either use your Holy Water or keep pressing X and Alyssa will say "Get off".

Defeating the last Boss

Make sure you have the arrows that you picked up throughout the game. When the fight starts, shoot a special arrow at the Boss. It should automatically target him. Then, run around away from him. If he shoots a purple orb at you and you are caught, you can miss his other attacks. If he shoots another orb at you and you are still caught by the first orb, try to run in some direction and Alyssa will struggle and fall to the ground. The orb should fly over her head and miss. If you are still caught by the one or two orbs, keep trying to run free until they go away. If you get caught by three orbs, the Boss will say "This is the end", Alyssa dies, and the game will end. Once free from the orbs, keep running away from the Boss and shoot a regular arrow. When the Boss stops and laughs, shoot an arrow at him. This should give you enough time to charge a regular arrow and shoot him. If the Boss picks you up or grabs you, keep pressing X to get out of his reach. His grab will drain your heath and add more heath to him. If he tries to use his sword, quickly move. If you get hit, get up and run somewhere far from him. If you get to the point where when you charge an arrow, but it is not fully charged when he walks towards you, just shoot the arrow. This will pull him back, and he will not be able to go anywhere. Keep repeating this process and until an intermission sequence begins. When you reach the second part of the Boss battle, he will have a new move called "No Escape". This will bring a blob of blood that will hold Alyssa in that spot if caught. To avoid this, when you hear "There's no escape", quickly move from where you are standing. Then, keep repeating the previously described strategy until you get to the third part, where he is a lot more difficult. The Boss is quicker and now says "Are you ready to give up?". When he says this, if you have any more special arrows shoot them at him. If notm, charge up the arrow and shoot when he starts moving. When you finally get to the last intermission sequence, it will end with both you and the Boss at low health. Stay away from the Boss. Go back to the place where you started, and in the right corner is the end of the game.

Locations to hide from Bosses

It can be difficult to find a place to hide or something to use to attack a Boss. The following are locations and items that you can use. Note: If you are trying to complete the game on a time record do not follow any of these tips.

Slugehammer Man

    When you first meet him, run through the closest door (which leads to the main room in the clothing store). Run behind the curtain and stay there until you either hear or see him leave, or if he finds you. If that happens, run back up the stairs and into the room where you first met him. Then go through the door again and hide in the curtain once again.

    When in the music hall, go behind the stage curtain. He cannot and will not follow you back there. Though this may kill your time, it is a simple way to avoid him. Another place to hide in the music hall is in the locker on the second floor. He may sometimes find you, depending on whether Alyssa is in panic mode or if he is close to you.

    When in the music prop room (where you get the matches), once you leave the room Slugehammer Man appears. Quickly run back into the music room and use the violin case. A short intermission sequence will appar.

Acid man

    When you first meet him, use the Holy Water. This will set him on fire for a few seconds and give you enough time to run. Run down the steps (where the lion fountain is located) and run past the door. There should be a small outhouse. Run in there until the music stops.

    If you enter the house and he appears, run up stairs. He will follow you. Go into the room and under the bed (if you have not found it already). There should be a secret ladder leading to somewhat of an entertainment room. When down there. Acid Man will appear. When he does, look for a fire extinguisher and use it against him. This will cause the room to become filled with white smoke and he will not be able to see. Use this chance to get out of the room.

    If you are on the other side of the big fans outside when he appears, go through the only door there. Go down the stairs and into the first door. Go all the way into the back. Alyssa will see an electric box when he comes in, and is close enough use it against him. This is another chance for you to escape. After he has fries, he should come out again. If he does, run past the door (where the electric box was located) and past the ghost (whose spirit you must set free). You will reach somewhat of a dead end. Stand there for a few seconds, and the music should stop, indicating that he left. If Acid Man follows you down there, use the Holy Water on him and run back and out the door to where the giant fans are located. Stay there until he follows you. When he does, run around the junkyard and back in the door. Go back to where that dead end is located. Another way if he follows you again is to walk towards the wall, and on that small walkway Alyssa will walk against the wall and he will be gone. Beware -- when you do the bridge part he will appear again and say "I found you".

Chopper Man

    It is recommended that you carry as many Holy Waters as possible, and refill every time you get to one Holy Water remaining. When he first appears, use the Holy Water and run for the door on Alyssa's right. You should be in a office room that has two fish tanks. Run behind the fish tank that is closes to the television screen. You will see Chopper Man enter and repeat his "Oh nice trick" phrase. When you either see or hear him vanish, the coast is clear.

    When he appears on the B2 floor, does run down the stairs and go all the way to Alyssa's left. There should be some barrels and fire there. Hide in there and a short intermission sequence will appear.

    If he appears at random in the factory, do not bother hiding in the elevator. It will not do anything, as he will still be outside the elevator waiting and you will be trapped. If you need to enter the elevator and go to either B1, B2, or B3 (whichever floor you are on) and ride the elevator up or down, then go back to the floor you were on. When doing this, he will appear on that same floor again. This will get you just enough time to do what you need to do. If Alyssa is in panic mode, you will not be able to use the elevator. It is best if you use the Lavender Water to lower her panic or try to make a run for it.

    When you enter the grave yard after the intermission sequence, run towards Alyssa's right. There should be a house. Once inside, go around and pass the beds. Hide behind the curtain until he is gone.

Scissor Man and Scissor Woman

    When on Scissor man's side of the mirror (which is almost the same as Scissor woman's side), on the first floor is the men's bathroom run inside one of the stalls and lay low until he is gone. Note: If you are playing a clear mode game, be careful; when you are surprised your panic meter goes to full. If he does surprise you, he will do somewhat of a dance. Put some Holy Water on him and make a run for it. The best place to go is through the other side of the mirror.

    When on the other side, you will now be chased by Scissor Woman. Her side is almost the same, except everything is changed around. The bathroom that was on the first floor is now on the second floor. If you go to the second floor room where you find the empty chair (in Scissor man's side there is a dead body there, and this is where you use the form). All the way on the top corner (towards the television screen) is a hole where you can get through. This really is not that much help, as the music will stop for a few seconds and then restart.

    When you make it through the second part of Scissor Man and Scissor Woman's stage, an intermission sequence will play. After it ends, Scissor Man appears. Run into the clock tower. If you go to the door on the left, it is Scissor Man's side. The right door is Scissor Woman's side. On Scissor man's side, run up the stairs. You should be able to go to the edge and hang off. This will trigger an intermission sequence. Since there is nothing really on Scissor Man's side and nowhere to run or hide, do not bother going there anymore.

    When on Scissor Woman's side, go up the stairs. Go towards the sky and slide against the wall. When you reach the end and are in the kitchen, after putting out the fireplace, Scissor Woman will appear. Go to Alyssa's left. There should be some ashes. Use them against Scissor Woman.

    When you are in the Library part of the clock tower, Scissor Woman will appear. Go outside and towards the sky again. Move Alyssa towards the right. This will bring you back to the Library. Scissor Woman cannot harm you in anyway. When you get to the intermission sequence where you see Dennis and what Scissor Man and Scissor Woman are doing to him, you will never be chased by either one of them again.

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