D1 Grand Prix 2005


2001 Champion S15 car

Win the 2001 Season to unlock the 2001 Champion S15 car.

2002 Championship car

Win the 2002 Season to unlock the 2002 Championship car.

2003 Championship car

Win the 2003 Season to unlock the 2003 Championship car.

2004 Championship car

Win the 2004 Season to unlock the 2004 Championship car.

Twin Drifters

Win the 2005 Season to unlock the Twin Drifters.

Classic drifting cars

Win three to five drift battles in a row in Survival mode to unlock classic drifting cars.

More points

To gain more points when competing, stay as close to the bumper of the lead car as possible. Also keep up your speed and stay sideways and as close to the inside of the corner as possible. Flipping your vehicle during a round will disqualify you from the round. Hitting a wall, spinning out, hitting another vehicle, going off track, or losing speed will greatly reduce your points.

Car options

All cars are manual shift and cannot be made automatic. Beginner and Pro cars have two tuning options. Expert cars have sixteen tuning options.

Recommended car

The best car for a beginner is the GTO.

Recommended settings

The following are required settings for an expert car:

    Front Tire: 80% Grip
    Rear Tire: 80% Drift
    Camber: Leave neutral
    All suspension adjustments should be set all the way to the right.
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