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Hidden movie

Pause the game and select the "Archives" option, the choose the "B-Movie" selection. Then, hold L3 and press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, X(2) to see a movie featuring Crypto and Pox talking about the events from the original Destroy All Humans!

Alien Artifact Detector

Successfully complete all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Albion. The last Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion has two parts. Shama Llama will tell you to go back to Bay City and talk to The Freak and convince him to paint a poster for you. Once you complete that mission, go back to Albion and complete the last Arkvoodle Cult mission there to unlock the Alien Artifact Detector. The Alien Artifact Detector makes any Alien Artifact appear on your mini-map/radar (as a blinking red dot) when you are near one.

Burrow Beast

Successfully complete all Arkvoodle Cult missions to unlock the Burrow Beast Datacore (super weapon).

Furotech Cell Detector

Successfully complete all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Takoshima to unlock the Furotech Cell Detector. The Furotech Cell Detector makes any Furotech Cell appear on your mini-map/radar when you are near one.

Quantum Deconstructor

The Datacore for the Quantum Deconstructor can be found by searching around the village of Tarkovskoye (in Tunguska). Pox will message you about the Datacore when you are close to it.

Additional Arkvoodle Cult missions

Successfully complete main missions and Odd Jobs to unlock more of the Arkvoodle Cult missions.

Final Arkvoodle Cult mission

Collect 30 Alien Artifacts to unlock the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding movie under the "Archives" menu:

    Closing: Successfully complete the game.
    Closing Animatic: Collect 50 Alien Artifacts and successfully complete the game.
    Destroy All Humans Wrap Party: Collect 10 Alien Artifacts.
    Intro Movie Happy Mix: Collect 30 Alien Artifacts.
    Opening Movie Animatic: Collect 20 Alien Artifacts.
    Salad Days With Pox And Crypto: Collect 40 Alien Artifacts.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding gallery entry under the "Archives" menu:

    Crypto's Back!: Successfully complete Gene Blend: Crypto's Back.
    Desperately Seeking Natalya: Successfully complete Gene Blend: Natalya's Secrets.
    Furons A-Go-Go!: Successfully complete Gene Blend: Furons A-Go-Go!.
    It's the Sixties: Successfully complete Gene Blend: The Swinging Sixties.
    Oh the Humanity!: Successfully complete Gene Blend: Oh the Humanity.
    Popular Mechanics: Successfully complete Gene Blend: Popular Mechanics.
    The Martians... Err, Blisk are Coming!: Successfully complete Gene Blend: The Blisk Files.

Swingin' Jukebox

Successfully complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding music for the Swingin' Jukebox:

    Albion Disguised: Mission 10
    Albion Hunted: Mission 10
    Albion Undisguised: Mission 10
    Back In That Room: Mission 4
    Bay City Disguised: Mission 5
    Bay City Hunted: Mission 5
    Bay City Undisguised: Mission 5
    Destroy All Humans 2 Theme: Mission 19
    Dirty Red: Mission 21
    Down In The Valley: Mission 9
    Help You Ann: Mission 12
    Long Road: Mission 9
    Moon Base Solaris Disguised: Mission 28
    Moon Base Solaris Hunted: Mission 28
    Moon Base Solaris Undisguised: Mission 28
    Pattern Skies: Rage Of Aquarius side-mission
    Pier 13: Mission 18
    She Changes Like The Weather: Mission 3
    Takoshima Disguised: Mission 16
    Takoshima Hunted: Mission 16
    Takoshima Undisguised: Mission 16
    Tunguska Disguised: Mission 22
    Tunguska Hunted: Mission 22
    Tunguska Undisguised: Mission 22
    Turn It Off: Mission 18
    When You Touch Me: Rage Of Aquarius side-mission


Remain idle and the screen will turn black and white, like an old television show.


Play in Two Player mode. Have two players get on dumpsters next to each other. Use PK on each other's dumpster and press Up. You can have the ultimate flying or on-foot flying.


When you finish destroying the blimps a lot of tanks will appear. If you are in Two Player mode, the player in the turret can shoot the tanks and the player that is flying can abduct hippies and drain power from the tanks.

Causing mass pain

Abduct a person with the Abducto Beam. Just after you select store, release L1. They will slam into the saucer causing a huge bang.

Defeating Coyote Bongwater

When the battle begins, you should only have two weapons, the Zap-O-Matic and Disclocater. Neither of these weapons will work effectively enough to kill both Bongwater and the KGB agents. However at the start of the level, towards the left far wall, there is a large container of Revelade. Around these containers are small barrels. These are explosive barrels. Once the battle begins, quickly use the Jetpack to go towards the left side of the room. Once there, try to take cover behind one of the Revelade containers. While hidden, use your PK ability on one of the explosive barrels. Once you have it levitating, either quickly swing it at the KGB agent's or Bongwater's feet, or press Y again to push it towards them. Either will work, as the explosion is enough to take out almost all the KGB agents. Only about two to three explosive barrels are required to take out Bongwater. Do not get too close to the barrel when it explodes, as it will drain your shields drastically or kill you.

Walk in, but not so far that the KGB and Bongwater notice you. Use your PK ability to slam an explosive barrel directly on top of Bongwater. They will not react to your presence in the room unless you begin to attack them or walk too close to them. This will not kill all the KGB agents, but it will kill Bongwater before cutting away to a scene before the KGB can finish attacking you. Once the intermission sequence is over, you can take out the remaining KGB agents easily.

First, kill the KGB agents with your Zap-O-Matic while trying to avoid Bongwater. When your health is low, jetpack to the ceiling and hide from the enemies so your shield will regenerate. When all the KGB are gone, jump onto one of the Revelade containers. Bongwater will run to the base, but he cannot hit you. Then, zap him to death from your elevated position.

Defeating the KGB Boss in Alibon

Avoid his first attack by staying in motion and hiding behind a pillar or a box. When he is finished, take out your Anal Probe an shoot him once. He should start to turn back to normal. If not, try again. When he is back to normal, zap the green gas in the air and finish him off with your Disintergrater Ray.

Defeating Mutants

Take out your Anal Probe and shoot it at the Mutant. The Mutant will turn back to a human. You do not have to kill the human. Just kill the purple mist that comes out of it. Do not let the purple mist touch anyone else. To kill the purple mist, you can use anything except the Anal Probe. The Disintergrator works the best.

Defeating Pongsby

Before the fight, refill the Mind Flash gauge and load your Disintegrator gun's ammunition. As soon as the battle begins, hold Circle to activate Mind Flash. You will have a short amount of time where everything stops. Take out your Disintegrator and blast away at Pongsby.

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