Devil May Cry

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Replay bonus

Successfully complete the game on easy mode. Then, start a new game and you will be able to keep all your items such as the grenade launcher and all your swords from the previous game.

Easy mode

Successfully complete missions 1, 2, or 3 while using at least one continue. At the start of the next mission, there will be an option to change the game to easy mode. Note: Once easy mode is activated you cannot return to normal mode.

Hard mode

Successfully complete the game once to unlock Hard mode.

Legendary Dark Night mode

Successfully complete Hard mode to unlock Legendary Dark Night mode.

Dante Must Die mode

Successfully complete Legendary Dark Night mode to unlock Dante Must Die mode.

Super Dante mode

Successfully complete Dante Must Die mode to unlock Super Dante mode. In this mode, you can transform into a devil, and use magic indefinitely.

All-star group photo

Successfully complete the game with an "S" rank on all missions to unlock the all-star group photo.

Skip FMV sequences

During an FMV sequence, press Select to skip it.

Secret mission locations

    Mission 3: Fall back in the water where the skullheads were located.

    Mission 3: You will start near the Judge of Death. Press X to get the secret mission.

    Mission 3: After you get chased by the Phantom, at the end of the hall will be a door to the left. Enter it.

    Mission 4: Return to the room with the power-up statue. You will have an encounter with the spider in the hall, just escape to the nearest door, then go back out.

    Mission 4, Part 2: Go to the airplane room after the panther has been defeated, then take the elevator down.

    Mission 7: Kill the enemies in the sewer hall, then go the pipe room (where the key was located).

    Mission 11: Go through the door at the start of the mission.

    Mission 14: Check the skeleton of the boat from the previous mission.

    Mission 15: Check the skull carving underground in the previous mission.

    Mission 16: Defeat the blob Boss, then go to the airplane room.

    Mission 16: For a second secret mission, go to the coliseum.

    Mission 17: Go through the warp zone, then cross the broken bridge without falling.

    Mission 21: Check the wall on the opposite side of the power-up statue.

Game Shark Codes

Full Verison Codes
Master Code (Must Be On)EC8783C0 1446A6EC
Infinite Health Dante1C84A688 15F6E79D
1C84A68C 1456E7A5
Demo Codes
Master Code (Must Be On)EC8783C0 1446A6EC
Infinite Health4CD98ECA 1456E4FD
Infinite Magic4CD9925A 1456E67D
Max Red Orbs0CFC3934 1456E7A6
4CFC3934 1456E404
Master All Moves4CFC3926 145630A5
Acid Mode4CFC2F96 1456E7A6

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