Dokapon Kingdom


Gallery mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Gallery" option at the main menu.

Bonus jobs

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding job:

    Acrobat: Get a Casino Ticket.
    Alchemist: Have a Master Magician and Thief.
    Cleric: Master any starting job.
    Hero: Have a Master Spellsword, Ninja, and Acrobat, and get Hero License from the City Above The Clouds.
    Monk: Have a Master Priest.
    Ninja: Have a Master Warrior and Thief.
    Robo Knight: Have a Master Alchemist and Monk, and get Lost Technology from Sunken Shrine.
    Spellsword: Have a Master Warrior and Magician.

Easy money

When the random Dokapon card game at the beginning of a week appears, play through it. Make a note of the location of all the cards. After you know their location, reset the game. Play the card game again, and get all the cards correct immediately to win 1,000,000.

Developer message

At the lower right of the fourth continent is a small island that you cannot access. There is a tree on the island. Highlight the island, and read its description to view a secret message from the developers, thanking you for playing the game and showing the credits.

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