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Arcade levels

Successfully complete a level in story mode to unlock it in arcade mode.

Art gallery

Successfully complete a level in story mode to unlock concept art for that level under the extras menu.

Ash comments

When you press Triangle, Ash will say a funny comment. Later in the game, he gains the ability to say different comments. For example, when in Downtown Dearborn, he says, "What time is it? Bah, what do you care, you're dead." In the Outskirts of Dearborn he is incapable of saying this.

Crystal order at the museum

The order to insert the crystals is red, yellow, blue, green.

Dearborn police station

When you get to the Dearborn police station, the yard where you need to go is surrounded by Deadites. You do not have to kill any of them. First, find the Spell Scroll that allows you to posses a Deadite for a limited amount of time,.This spell takes up three mana. Posses a Deadite, then run to the other side of the yard. You will find the Cypher and a envelope that you must take to the auto body shop. Note: The police Deadites will not recognize you as Ash, but the others will.

Finding the silver on Civil War Dearborn

To get the silver you need to close the vortexes on Civil War Dearborn level. Go to the graveyard. Once there, go to the location that you had to insert the pentagonal key into the wall to reach Eldridge on the Colonial Dearborn level. There will be four silver pieces in the shape of bars near the opposite wall.

Finding the crystals at the museum

First, get a device that beeps when you are near a crystal. To do this, go to the picture of Nathaniel Payne and place the two pots you found in the basement there. The picture will open and you will get it. The first crystal is in the small Civil War section near the guard. Blow open one of the houses. The second crystal is under one of the ice age animals. It is the one up in a cave. The third crystal is in the center of the sun diagram. The final crystal is in the corner of the Egyptian section. This last crystal has a map behind it with a symbol by each section. Remember the symbols because they represent the order that the crystals go into the wall.

Kill and not get hurt by Deadites

When you are killing Deadites, Zombies, etc. with your chainsaw, impale one with your it. Notice that the other deadites will not attack as you do this. Then when your impaling is over, quickly impale another Deadite, and repeat.

Defeating Eldridge

Wait until he is walking toward a barrel and gets close to it. Then, shoot the barrel and it will explode, flipping him over. Start shooting him after he flips over. Later in the fight, he will start charging you. When this happens, run along the walls until he runs into one, then start shooting him.

Defeating Nathaniel Payne

Use your shovel like a baseball bat. Hold Square and release when he throws a chunk of rock at you. Do not get the rock confused with the energy ball that is thrown.

Defeating Trisha

When she opens her mouth, throw a piece of dynamite into it.

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