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Infinite air supply

Combine Vanadium and Titanium Ore to get Titanium Alloy. Then combine the Titanium Alloy and the Rebreather 10 to get an Infinite Rebreather.

Free fish for the aquarium

After the aquarium is built, you can fill it with fish that you have not yet photographed. For this to work, you should already have about thirty photos of fish. When you go into the menu to view stats on a fish, select all the different ways to alphabetize the list. After you have done this several times, choose which fish you want to populate your aquarium with. When you select a fish, a different fish that you may not have even seen yet should appear on the list, instead of the one you picked. Put that fish in the aquarium and view it. Try every different way to alphabetize the list until you get the correct one. There are some fish that this trick does not seem to work on, however it does work for a great number of them.

Item combinations

    Acetic Anhydride + Acetyl Acid = Aspirin
    Beryl Knife + Basalt = Magnetite/Jade /Augite
    Beryl knife + Calcite = Limestone/Marble
    Beryl knife + Gabro = Magnetite/Titanium Ore/Apatite
    Beryl Knife + Granite = Orthoclase/Quartz
    Beryl knife + Opiment = Yellow Paint
    Deep Sea Water + Mega-ade 1000 = Mega-ade 2000
    Deep Sea Water + Mega-ade 2000 = Mega-ade 4000
    Deep Sea Water + Mega-ade 4000 = Mega-ade 8000
    Deep Sea Water + Mega-ade 500 = Mega-ade 1000
    Deep Sea Water + Tourmaline = Mineral Water
    Diamond Knife + Calcedony = Carnelian/Sardonyx/Chrysoprase
    Diamond Knife + Corundum = Ruby/Sapphire
    Diamond Knife + Quartz = Citrine/Crystal /?
    Limestone + Gabro = Cement
    Mineral Water + Mega-ade 2000 = Supertonic Turbo
    Mineral Water + Mega-ade 4000 = Supertonic Extra
    Negative Ion Water + Mega-ade 1000 = Supertonic Dash
    Negative Ion Water + Mega-ade 4000 = Royal Ampoule
    Negative Ion Water + Mega-ade 500 = Supertonic
    Ring + Tourmaline = Ion Ring
    Snake Bite + Killer Spider = Scorpions Tail
    Titanium Alloy + Rebreather 10 = Infinite Rebreather
    Vanadium + Titanium Ore = Titanium Alloy
    Water + Mega-ade 300 = Mega-ade 500
    Water + Mega-ade 500 = Mega-ade 1000
    Water + Oxidized Alcohol = Disinfection Liquid
    Water + Tourmaline = Negative Ion Water
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