Forever Kingdom

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Easy money

The game has a training session in the first save crystal. In this crystal, talk to the store owner, and choose "Training" from the list. While in this room, kill the enemies (one hit), and they may drop Zoe, which you can keep. To exit and keep your money, talk to the crystal.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Always Fine Condition DariusCEBF276E BCA99B83
Grade 9 Accessory DariusCEBF26CC BCA99B8C
Max PP DariusCEBF26CE BCA9C292
Grade 9 Accessory FaeanaCEBF25E4 BCA99B8C
Max PP FaeanaCEBF25E6 BCA9C292
Grade 9 Accessory RuyanCEBF2550 BCA99B8C
Max PP RuyanCEBF2552 BCA9C292
Max ZoeCEBF27BA BCA9C292
Max SoulCEBF27BE BCA9C292
CE48D14E BCA9C292
CE48D14A BCA9C292
CE48D156 BCA9C292
CE48D152 BCA9C292

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