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Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ - Growlanser 2
Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ - Growlanser 3


All normal items in Growlanser 2

At the map screen, press Up, Right, L2(2), Down, R2(2), Up, Down, R2, L2, Right, Left, Circle(3).

Completion bonuses in Growlanser 2

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Extra" menu at the options screen, and the "Outtakes" and "Character's Room" options at the "Extra" menu.

Music Room in Growlanser 2

Follow Wolfgang's story line and find the Music Room key. This only happens if you allow the Chief of Agriss village take the lead the first time you visit there to negotiate. You must also send Dozz to negotiate with Rottenbaum and Simon to negotiate with Schwarzfals. The "Music Room" option will be unlocked in the "Extra" menu after you get the key.

Special Room in Growlanser 2

Successfully complete the Werecat Quest to unlock the "Special Room" option at the "Extra" menu.

Extra magic damage in Growlanser 3

Use a controller in port two. When magic is used, match the arrows that appear at the bottom of the screen on controller two. Matching all of them correctly will result in extra magic damage. Note: A dance pad controller can also be used to match the arrows.

Defeating Titans in Growlanser 3

When you start to fight a Titan, have a party member cast Bait then move them to the bottom center of the screen so that they are behind a rock. The Titan will walk up to the rock and just stop there. Have the rest of your party cast Magic on the Titan for an easy win. If you do not have enough Magic to defeat the Titan, buy some MP Recoveries, and Magic Might at a gem shop. This may take awhile, but will give you great rings.

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