.hack G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce

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Note: This game is also titled .hack G.U. Vol. 2: Kimi Omou Koe.

.hack G.U. Vol. 1 and 2 trailers

At the main desktop screen, hold R1 + R2 and press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle. Release R1 + R2, then hold L1 + L2 and press Right, Up, Right, Up. Release L1 + L2 and press L3 + R3. If you entered the code correctly, the message "Code input complete! The movie, "Vol 1 & 2 Preview" is added" will appear. Note: This code will not work if a saved game file from .hack G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth was loaded.

Continue bonus

Load a saved game file from .hack G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth to unlock an e-mail from Yachimada, 5,000 GP, some random items, and three bonus movies (.hack// Roots Episode 1 A and B, and previews for G.U. 1 and 2). Additionally, after loading a saved game file from .hack G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth in which you killed Doppelganger, you can try to kill a stronger version. Go to Delta Elegand Your Shadow and kill all the monsters. Then, go to any island other than the one with the temple and wait about fifteen minutes. Return to fight Doppelganger. He is much stronger than you and extremely difficult to defeat, even with two teammates. He recovers HP every few seconds. If you defeat him, you will get two of three weapons he carries (if you defeated him in Volume 1): Heine's Invasion (twin blade), Heine's Shadow (broadsword), and Heine's Zero (scythe). Each are level 51 and are the most powerful in the game.

Easy arena wins

After unlocking the Divine Awakening in the story, just play defensively using counterattacks until your Moral gauge is full. Once full, use it to usually one-shot the opposing team.

Easy bike mission

During the mission, just before you acquire a King Chim Chim, press Select to display the map. Press Circle to exit the map, and take the King Chim Chim immediately after the map disappears. If done correctly, when you get the King Chim Chim, you will instantly acquire all three of the necessary Kings and complete the mission. Note: This is easier by pressing X right after Circle, but doing so may bring up the "Mission Info" text box. Press Circle to clear it before returning to town, or you will need to reset the game.

Avoiding rolling rocks in dungeons

In certain dungeons (the ones where the entire map is basically a spiral-like tower), when you reach the point where the rocks begin rolling down towards you, simply walk backwards just before that area. The rocks will disappear once they hit the bottom.

Antares' member address

When you go to the crowning ceremony, talk to Antares two times and he will give you his member address.

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