Kengo 3


Play as Blacksmith

Defeat 100 consecutive opponents at any tea house to unlock Blacksmith.

Play as Ikumatsu

Unlock the "Path of Blood" ending to unlock Ikumatsu.

Play as Katsu Kaishu

Successfully complete 100 Kills mode to unlock Katsu Kaishu.

Play as Kiyokawa Hachiro

Successfully complete the Formation Of Shinsengumi event to unlock Kiyokawa Hachiro.

Play as Okita Soji (alternate)

Successfully complete 1000 kills mode to unlock Okita Soji (alternate).

Play as Saigo Takamori

Successfully complete the Heroes Of Satsuma event to unlock Saigo Takamori.

Play as Takuan

Successfully complete 108 Earthly Desires mode to unlock Takuan.

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