Knockout Kings 2002


Easy win

After completing the game you will be prompted to select a cheat. Choose teleportation. You will have to press your special and R1 to use it. If you are playing two player or exhibition mode, set the match to one round. Hit your opponent a few times then keep teleporting for the rest of the round and you will win. When creating a boxer, give him the Body Blaster as his special move. During the match, throw a few jabs and back away. Wait for your opponent to move in and hit him with the Body Blaster. It should stun him. Hit him with it again. Continue to do this and you will knock him out in no time. This can be done in all three weight divisions and works almost all of the time. Also, if you find yourself in trouble, try the Backhand (elbow) followed by the Body Blaster. It either takes off a good amount of energy or stuns them, leaving them open for the Body Blaster.

Better created character

When creating a character, set his heart, power, and speed high. It is important to have the heart high. If you jab a lot then throw a punch, it will work much better than just bashing the buttons.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Infinite Creation PointsFEBE644E BCA99B4B
Max Stats Created CharacterDEBE6476 BBA89A82
CEBE6472 BCA99A82
Max PowerFEBE6476 BCA99B82
Max SpeedFEBE6471 BCA99B82
Max StaminaFEBE6470 BCA99B82
Max ChinFEBE6473 BCA99B82
Max HeartFEBE6472 BCA99B82
Max CutsFEBE647D BCA99B82
8 Foot Created CharacterCEBE646A BCA99BE3
9 Foot Created CharacterCEBE646A BCA99BEF
300 Pound Created CharacterCEBE6474 BCA99CAF
400 Pound Created CharacterCEBE6474 BCA99C13

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