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Infinite ammunition

Collect all dog tags and successfully complete the game and save. Start a new game and equip the wig you have unlocked. When this is equiped you will have unlimited ammunition and not have to reload.

Alternate title screen

Successfully complete the game and the title screen will turn blue.

Extreme difficulty setting

Successfully complete the game to unlock the extreme difficulty setting.

Increase grip strength

Press L2 + R2 one hundred times when hanging on a ledge to do pull-ups and increase your grip strength to level 2.

Control intermission sequences

During an intermission sequence, press the Right Analog-stick to move the view or R1 to zoom-in.

Codec control

During any Codec conversation, press the Left Analog-stick or Right Analog-stick to control the character's faces. Press L3 or R3 to zoom-in on the faces. Press R1 or R2 while Snake or Raiden is listening to someone to hear their thoughts.

Game Shark Codes

North American Version

Full Version Codes
Master Code (Must Be On)EC8783B4 14483424
Tanker Level Codes
Infinite M9 Ammo4C89EE12 1456E788
Infinite USP Ammo4C89EE18 1456E788
Infinite Magazines4C89F134 1456E788
Infinite Grenades4C89F132 1456E788
Infinite Chaff Grenades4C89F128 1456E788
Infinite Stun Grenades4C89F126 1456E788
Infinite Rations4C89F1A2 1456E788
Infinite Bandages4C89F1AC 1456E788
Have Therm Goggles4C89F1BA 1456E7A6
Have DG. Camera4C89F1BE 1456E7A6
Have Body Armor4C89F1AE 1456E7A6
Have Bandana4C89F1E4 1456E7A6
Have Stealth4C89F1B4 1456E7A6
One Pull-up Increases Grip to Level 20C89EEE2 1436E788
4C89EEE2 1456E788
Two Pull-ups Increases Grip to Level 30C89EEE2 1426E788
0C89EEE2 1436E7E4
4C89EEE2 1456E7E4
Plant Level Codes
Infinite M9 Ammo4C89F062 1456E788
Infinite SOCOM Ammo4C89F066 1456E788
Infinite PSG1 Ammo4C89F06C 1456E788
Infinite RGB6 Ammo4C89F06A 1456E788
Infinite Nikita Ammo4C89F070 1456E788
Infinite Stinger Ammo4C89F06E 1456E788
Infinite AKS-74U Ammo4C89F07E 1456E70C
Infinite M4 Ammo4C89F088 1456E70C
Infinite PSG1-T Ammo4C89F086 1456E788
Infinite Magazines4C89F084 1456E788
Infinite C44C89F072 1456E788
Infinite Claymores4C89F074 1456E788
Infinite Grenades4C89F082 1456E7B1
Infinite Chaff Grenades4C89F078 1456E788
Infinite Stun Grenades4C89F076 1456E7B1
One Pull-up Increases Grip to Level 20C89EEE8 1436E788
4C89EEE8 1456E788
Two Pull-ups Increases Grip to Level 30C89EEE8 1426E788
0C89EEE8 1436E7E4
4C89EEE8 1456E7E4
Demo Codes
Master Code (Must Be On)ECB79FF8 1456E60A
Infinite Rations3CBB523E 1456E7A2
Infinite Bandage3CBB5246 1456E7A2
Infinite Diazepam3CBB524A 1456E7A2
Infinite Grip4DD121CC 1456E89D
Have M9 & Infinite Ammo4CBB53CE 1456E788
Have USP & Infinite Ammo4CBB53D4 1456E788
Have SOCOM & Infinite Ammo4CBB53D2 1456E788
Have FA-MAS & Infinite Ammo4CBB53D8 1456E788
Have C44CBB53E2 1456E781
Have Chaff Grenade4CBB53EC 1456E7A1
Have Stun Grenade4CBB53EA 1456E7A1
Have Grenades4CBB5300 1456E781
Have Enemy Uniform3CBB5250 1456E7A6
Have Empty Mags4CBB53FA 1456E781
Have Camera4CBB5262 1456E7A6
Have ST Camera4CBB53E8 1456E79F
Have Box A3CBB5276 1456E7A6
Have Box B3CBB5278 1456E7A6
Have Box C3CBB5268 1456E7A6
Have Wet Box3CBB527C 1456E7A6
Have V Sensor3CBB527A 1456E7A6
Have Tobacco4CBB5266 1456E7A6
One-Hit Kill Olga4DE8B5AC 1456E7A6

Japanese Version

Demo Codes
Master Code (Must Be On)ECB78550 1456E60A
Infinite Rations3CBB4E3E 1456E79F
Max Rations3CBB4E7E 1456E788
Infinite Bandage3CBB4E46 1456E79F
Infinite Diazepam3CBB4E4A 1456E79F
Have M9 & Infinite Ammo4CBB4FCE 1456E781
Have USP & Infinite Ammo4CBB4FD4 1456E781
Have FA-MAS & Infinite Ammo4CBB4FD8 1456E788
Have Enemy Uniform3CBB4E50 1456E7A6
Have V Sensor3CBB4E7A 1456E7A6
Have Tobacco3CBB4E66 1456E7A6
Have Box A3CBB4E68 1456E7A6
Have Box B3CBB4E78 1456E7A6
Have Box C3CBB4E76 1456E7A6
Have Wet Box3CBB4E7C 1456E7A6

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