Cheat mode

Select Chase For The Sprint Cup mode. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive first and last names at the driver information screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Chicago Pier track and Wal-Mart car

    Enter "WalMart" as a first name and "EveryDay" as a last name to unlock the Chicago Pier track and Wal-Mart car.

Qualifying for career

When you are qualifying for career at the start of the game, you will have the option of choosing "Family Play" or "Pro Play". Select "Pro Play" if you have played the previous NASCAR games. Family Play is similar to learing the tracks all over again. You will have no chance at Daytona on Family Play because the car moves around a lot and you cannot hold the line. Family Play also has slower cars.

Saving money for your licenses

Before starting, disable automatic save mode. When offered a license challenge for the next level of rides, spend your money, and schedule a session. Continue until your scheduled session. Save your game manually, then take your test. If you pass, save the game again. If you fail, revert back to the saved game file before you failed your test. Note: You may need to power off your PlayStation 2 and turn it on again before resuming your game because the system still saves your session, but not to your memory card. If done correctly, you will not have to pay for the scheduled session again. This may save you $100,000 for each scheduled session during your Sprint licensing.

Easy wins

When you are racing a very short track in Race Now mode, go to the car setup before the race. Set all your springs and track bars to 0% and your front and left car weight to 0%. When you go into a turn, you will start sliding and almost barrel roll. If timed correctly, you will get hit on the underside. You will fly up and hit the chain link fence along the outside and everyone will crash together in the same location for a 43 car pile-up. You may get stuck for awhile, but when you get out, go through the pits repeatedly for an easy win.

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