NHRA Championship Drag Racing


Bonus drivers

Win a season to unlock a bonus driver.

Recommended settings

The following settings will make your vehicle very fast on any track and in any weather conditions. It will also make it possible to set world records on a fast track. It is possible to set a world record of 6.48 seconds.

Spring and clutch

    Primary weight: 116.0 g
    Secondary Weight: 200.00 g
    Anti squat: 140lbs


    Spark: 27.9degrees
    Compression Ratio: 15.35:1

Gear box

    Launch Revs: 8000 rpm
    Gear 1: 2.782:1/8550 rpm
    Gear 2: 1.990:1/8900 rpm
    Gear 3: 1.570:1/9300 rpm
    Gear 4: 1.250:1/9500 rpm
    Gear 5: 1.000:1/


    Tire Pressure: 4.8 psi


    Front Ballast: 0 lbs

Wing and wheelie bar

    Rear Wing Height: 0.1 in.
    Wheelie Bar Height: 1.00 in.
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