Ninja Assault


Mission mode Chapter 2

Successfully complete Guren's Chapter in story mode.

Mission mode Chapter 3

Successfully complete Gunjo's Chapter in story mode.

Mission mode Chapter 4

Successfully complete Aoi's Chapter in story mode.

Mission mode Chapter 5

Successfully complete story mode.

Mission mode Final Chapter

Successfully complete all chapters in mission mode.

Fireworks training mode

Get the top score in story mode to unlock the Fireworks mini-game in training mode.


Successfully complete the Final Chapter in mission mode to unlock a Magnum in story mode.


Get an "S" rank in all the bonus training missions to unlock a shotgun in story mode.

More credits

You can gain one additional credit, up to a maximum of twelve, if you lose all your credits in a chapter.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8B8396 BCBC308A
Infinite CreditsFE093F36 BCA99BE6
Fireworks AvailableFE093F97 BCA99B84
Unlock Extra WeaponsFE093F91 BCA99B84
FE093F90 BCA99B84
Instant Clear (Bonus Game)FE95A1DE BCA99B84
Guren Chapter CompleteFE0938EC BCA99B84
Aoi Chapter CompleteFE0938EE BCA99B84
Gunjo Chapter CompleteFE0938EF BCA99B84
Arcade CompleteFE0938E9 BCA99B84
Infinite Health P1CE61F81E BCA99C83
CE09A7F4 BCA99C83
Infinite Ammo P1FE61F82E BCA99BE6
Infinite Ninjutsu P1FE09A6AA BCA99B8C
Quick Score Gain P1CE09A686 BCA99A82
Infinite Health P2CE61F818 BCA99C83
CE09A644 BCA99C83
Infinite Ammo P2FE61F828 BCA99BE6
FE09A640 BCA99BE6
Infinite Ninjutsu P2FE09A67A BCA99B8C
Quick Score Gain P2CE09A656 BCA99A82

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