Pro Evolution Soccer 3

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ

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Better players

Enter 1999 as a code when editing a player to increase every players' stats by 5 points.

Worse players

Enter 2999 as a code when editing a player to decrease every players' stats by 5 points.

Change player stats

Enter one of the following codes to add or subtract 5 points to every players' stats on that team:

TeamAdd statsSubtract stats
AC Milan (AC Milan)1094 2094
Aquitaine (Bordeaux)1080 2080
Argentina1042 2042
AS Rome (AS Roma)1095 2095
Athenakos (Panathinikos)1093 2093
Australia1055 2055
Azur (Monaco)1078 2078
Bourgogne (Auxerre)1079 2079
Bruxelles (Anderlecht)1063 2063
Bulgaria1002 2002
Byzantinobul (Galatasary)1123 2123
Cameroon1031 2031
Cataluna (Barcelona)1118 2118
Chamartin (Real Madrid)1119 2119
Classic Argentina1056 2056
Classic Brazil1057 2057
Classic England1058 2058
Classic France1059 2059
Classic Germany1060 2060
Classic Italy1061 2061
Classic Netherlands1062 2062
Colombia1045 2045
Constantinahce (Fenerbahce)1122 2122
Costa Rica1038 2038
Czech Republic1004 2004
Donosti (Real Sociedad)1120 2120
East London (West Ham)1077 2077
Esportiva (Sporting Lisbon)1110 2110
Feyenoord (Feyenoord)1106 2106
Galicia Norte (Deportivo La Coruna)1117 2117
Galicia Sur (Celta Vigo)1116 2116
Guadalquivir (Real Betis)1115 2115
Hanseaten (Hamburg)1088 2088
Hauptstadt (Hertha Berlin)1089 2089
I Dotti (Bologna)1096 2096
I Mussi (Chievo)1098 2098
Lancashire (Blackburn)1067 2067
Languedoc (Marseille)1082 2082
Lazio (Lazio)1101 2101
Lisbonera (Benfica)1108 2108
Lloyd (Manchester City)1073 2073
Longobardi (Internazionale)1099 2099
Manzanares (Athletico Madrid)1114 2114
Marmara (Dinamo Kiev)1124 2124
Merseyside Blue (Everton)1069 2069
Merseyside Red (Liverpool)1072 2072
Museumplein (Ajax)1105 2105
Naranja (Valencia)1121 2121
Netherlands1014 2014
Nord (RC Lens)1084 2084
Normandie (Paris St. Germain)1083 2083
North East London (Tottenham Hotspur)1076 2076
North London (Arsenal)1065 2065
Northern Ireland1015 2015
Old Firm Blue (Rangers)1113 2113
Old Firm Green (Celtic)1112 2112
Other (Freelance Players)1127 2127
Paraguay1047 2047
Parma (Parma)1102 2102
Peloponnisos (Olympiakos)1092 2092
PES United1126 2126
Piemonte (Juventus)1100 2100
Portugal1018 2018
Praha (Sparta Prague)1064 2064
Puerto (Porto)1109 2109
Rekordmeister (Bayern Munich)1086 2086
Rhein (Bayer Leverkusen)1085 2085
Rhone (Olympique Lyonnais)1081 2081
Rondinelle (Brescia)1097 2097
Ruhr (Schalke 04)1090 2090
Saudi Arabia1054 2054
Scotland1021 2021
Serbia and Montenegro1022 2022
Slovakia1023 2023
Slovenia1024 2024
South Africa1036 2036
South Korea1053 2053
Stadhuisplein (PSV Eindhoven)1107 2107
Switzerland1027 2027
Tiberina (Perugia)1103 2103
Trad Bricks (Manchester United)1074 2074
Triveneto (Udinese)1104 2104
Tyneside (Newcastle United)1075 2075
United States1041 2041
Valdai (Spartak Moscow)1111 2111
WE United1125 2125
Weser (Werder Bremen)1091 2091
West London Blue (Chelsea)1068 2068
West London White (Fulham)1070 2070
Westfalen (Borussia Dortmund)1087 2087
WM Village (Aston Villa)1066 2066
Yorkshire (Leeds United)1071 2071

Zidane Spin

To do a Zidane Spin (360 step over), rotate the Right Analog-stick in a full 360 degree turn. Pressing R3 will do a manual pass instead.

Jay Jay Okocha-style Standing Chip n' Chase

Press Right Analog-stick Down then Right Analog-stick Up quickly to chip the ball over the oppositions head. Then, chase after it. Pressing the R3 Button will do a manual pass instead.

The Ariel Flickspin

The Ariel Flickspin is a trick that requires a bit of practice to get used to. When an Ariel Ball is coming towards you (roughly knee-height) quickly press the Right Analog-stick towards the ball, then away to flick it over the opponent's head from receiving it. Alternately, when an Ariel Ball is coming towards you (roughly knee-height) press the Left Analog-stick, either in the direction opposite the ball or twice in the direction where you bring the ball.

Ball over head and go

For this trick, it is important the ball/player positions be correct. The ball must be chest or knee-height. It works if your player's back is in the direction that you want to go. There is a chip pass over head using three different commands:

    Quickly press the Left Analog-stick towards the ball, then away to flick it overhead.
    Press the Left Analog-stick twice in the direction that the ball is going (your back).
    First-passing by pressing R1 + Circle + direction of the ball (Note: Chip shot is more powerful).

Side running

Press R2 + your side direction, then release the direction while continuing to hold R2. You will do a side run.

Go back defending the ball

When you are side walking with the ball (R2 + direction, then release direction), you can go back with the ball and turn by holding the Left Analog-stick very lightly.

Lowest cross

Press Down and leave the shoot status bar at maximum to have a very dangerous lowest cross at first post.

Forward vs. Goalie

When you reach the white line, you are in counter-attack alone against the goalie. Use the Right Analog-stick Down or Up instead of L1 + Square.

Easy goals

The following combinations are very good for shooting goals:

    From an opposite goalie shot, press R1 +Circle, R1 + Circle, R1 + Square.
    From the corner, press X , Circle , Square.
    From the corner, press X , Triangle ,Circle, Square.
    From the corner, press Circle + Down, Square.

Real team names

The following are the real world equivalents to the team's in the game:

    Bruxelles: Rsc Anderlecht
    Prague: Sparta Prague
    North London: Arsenal
    West Midlands Village: Aston Villa
    Lancashire: Blackburn Rovers
    West London Blue: Chelsea
    Meryseyside Blue: Everton
    West London White: Fulham
    Yorkshire: Leeds United
    Merseyside Red: Liverpool
    Lloyd: Manchester City
    Trad Bricks: Manchester United
    Tyneside: Newcastle United
    North East London: Tottenham Hotspur
    East London: West Ham United
    Azur: As Monaco
    Bourgogne: Auxerre
    Aquitaine: Bordeaux
    Rhone: Lyon
    Languedoc: Marseille
    Ill De France: Paris St Germain
    Nord: Racing Club Lens
    Rhein: Bayer Leverkusen
    Rekordmeister: Bayern München
    Westfalen: Borussia Dortmund
    Hanseaten: Hamburger Sv
    Hauptstadt: Hertha Berlin
    Ruhr: FC Schalke 04
    Wesr: SV Werder Bremen
    Peloponnisos: Olympiakos
    Athenkos: Panathinaikos
    AC Milan: AC Milan
    AS Roma: AS Roma
    Emilia Sud: Bologna
    Longobardi: Brescia
    Veneto: Cheivo Verona
    Lomabardia: Internazionale
    Juventus: Juventus
    Lazio: Lazio
    Parma: Parma
    Umbria: Perugia
    Abruzzi: Udinese
    Museumplein: Ajax
    Feyenoord: Feyenoord
    Stadhuisplein: Psv Eindhoven
    Lisbonera: Benfica
    Puerto: Porto
    Esportiva: Sporting
    Valdai: Spartak Moscow
    Old Firm Green: Celtic
    Old Firm Blue: Rangers
    Manzanares: Atlético Madrid
    Guardalquivir: Real Betis
    Galicia Sur: Celta Vigo
    Galicia Norte: Deportiva La Coruna
    Cataluna: Barcelona
    Chamartin: Real Madrid
    Donosti: Real Sociedad
    Naraja: Valencia
    Constantinache: Fenerbache
    Byzantinobul: Galatasaray
    Marmara: Dinamo Kiev
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