Reel Fishing 3

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ

Completion bonus

After completing all the challenges and levels, you will have to do the levels again, but with harder challenges. After completing everything, you still must find all the pieces of the diary, but the puzzle will be finished.


Use Great Apiel lures to catch a lot of fish. Also, suspending bait helps increase the visibility and the fish appeal. Additionally, a poorly set hook will slip from the fish's mouth.

Recommended season

Fall is the best time for fishing.

Salmon River

After caching the monster char, Salmon River will always be open to fish at.

Secret fish

There are two legendary fish, a monster char and a giant king salmon.

Largest fish

The biggest fish you can catch is the Chine Roach carp.

Mystical Carp

You can not change tackle in the Mystical Carp room. The bait in the Mystical Carp is a butterfly.

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