Killer 7 is the kind of videogame that will give parents' nightmares. This is the videogame that every parent thinks their kids are playing. It's the culmination of everything naughty and taboo. It's only meant for adults. If kids are playing this game then their parents are not doing their job.

Killer 7 glorifies violence, sex and profanity. The subject matter is extremely adult and the graphics are extremely....well...graphic. If you like watching heads explode into a bloody mess then you might want to pay attention to this review. Now I'm not one to be shocked, and if a game uses these vices gratuitously they better be ingrained in the gameplay for a purpose. Killer 7 pulls out all of the stops but at the same time it's a very interesting and intelligent game. For an adventure game that includes puzzle solving and first-person shooting there is a lot of depth and mystery to the storyline. The gameplay seems like it was an afterthought but it manages to get the job done.

Killer 7 is unlike any other game. It's not perfect but it's definitely got a vibe. It's bound to appeal to critics that are always looking for something new - having played so many clones. It's like the equivalent of jazz music. It's not going to appeal to everyone but it really speaks to those that are looking for something fresh.

In the future, terrorism takes on a new face in the form of a group called the Heaven Smile. They are like insane, zombie suicide bombers. The United States calls on Killer 7 which features a group of seven of the world's best warriors, all with different skills. They will explore, solve puzzles and shoot at the enemy with a variety of deadly weapons. The blood will flow and the limbs will fly.

Exploring is almost too linear. You do have different paths that you can take but you don't have unlimited freedom in a 3D environment. In this way the game plays kind of like Myst. It's not that it's bad but it's just something that we're not used to with today's action adventure games.

Puzzle solving blends traditional and obscure solutions that will always keep you guessing. I don't really like the arbitrary puzzles because they are just trial and error and don't require any analytical skills. Just keep an eye out for weird things such as words, numbers and sequences that appear in strange places, you'll be able to use them later.

Another aspect of the puzzles is using the right character for the right job. Some of their skills include invisibility, the ability to pick locks, speed running, wrestling, knife throwing and sniping. It's kind of like the Fantastic Four with three more. They are led by a wheelchair bound geriatric named Harmen Smith. All of the characters have the last name Smith and seem to come from within Harman himself. It's just another mystery that will keep you playing through to the end. In a bizarre twist skills are upgraded by collecting the enemy's blood. There is both thick and thin blood. The thick blood will help you level-up and the thin blood will help revive and replenish you. In a game that's just plain weird anyway, this mechanic seems to be odd simply for the sake of being odd.

The shooting is the most fun but it's marred by poor controls. It's as though the control system was designed for a PC and ported to the GC and/or PS2, neither system faring any better than the other in terms of control. It will take some time to get used to but it is absolutely essential to master in order to progress. Therein lies the biggest problem with Killer 7.

The cutscenes are amazing. You'll definitely want to show your friends these clips. They are well acted and look great with cel shading which makes it look like it just came out of a Heavy Metal magazine.

Although you will have to wrestle with the control system, some obscure puzzles and linear paths, Killer 7 is definitely a sign of things to come. Rent it by all means.

Preview By Chris

Owners of the GC have been waiting for more mature themed games. It looks like Capcom has come up with a game and a story line that certainly will not be for the kiddies out there. The game is an exclusive GC title and one that certainly is different. Gamers will be thrown into a story that is focused on two main characters and then players will take control of one main character. Now for the twist in this one the character happens to have seven different personalities! Each one is stranger than the other and all have the same thing in common they seek out those they deem “deserving to die” A game filled with controversial themes and racial tensions is far from the normal GC games.

Harman Smith is the troubled man with this problem. Players will be thrown into his role and mind as he switches into each personality. The game takes a time leap and soon you learn that maybe Harmon is not crazy at all. The plot is uncovered and by using Harman’s different personalities you must put a stop to this terrible plot to over take the world. Granted not your typical story line and certainly a first for GC owners. Here is a brief part of the story from Capcom: Years have passed and violence and instability have started to beleaguer developed nations. People with crazed and distorted smiles are appearing throughout the world. Anyone with this “Heaven’s Smile” becomes violent and begin attacking anyone within close proximity.

Now these crazed soldiers have started to overthrow huge city governments and have even taken the life of Harman’s beloved Suzy. It is up to the player to utilize the special powers that dwell within Harman’s seven “partners” to assassinate Kun Lan, the powerful underworld kingpin behind it all. Players will also meet other characters to aid them in the mission at hand. The whole game will be done in a dark cel shaded style. Slated for release sometime in 2004 here is the screen shots. We will keep you posted on any new information on this one.

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System: PS2, GC
Dev: Capcom
Pub: Capcom
Release: June 2005
Players: 1
Review By StewXX