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Versus mode

Successfully complete all twenty episodes in story mode. The versus mode option will now be unlocked at the main menu. You can play as Vineuvail, Zerumo, Lyserg, Heckel, Tao Len, Faust VIII, Ruby, Kanna, Lee Pai Long, Trey, Zaua, Meril, Rio, and Yoh; you also get one random secret character, such as Silva or Zeke. You can change some players by pressing Select on them.

Hidden characters in versus mode

In versus mode, press Select on Yoh to get Zeke. Press Select on Meril to get Masked Meril. Press Select on Kanna to get Matilda, or press Select again to get Marion Fauna (the two girls that fight with Kanna).

Alternate endings

Defeat the final Boss normally to see the good ending. Defeat the final Boss with a map weapon (for example, Trey's Corey and Lyserg's Chloe) to see the bad ending.

Easily complete Level 19

Use Yoh's friends to defeat the three Millennium Force members holding up the barrier (just double team them.). Use only Yoh and move directly next to Masked Maril. Instead of battling her, go to Yoh's options (where you have the options to move or fight). There will be an extra action called "Persuade". Use it, and Yoh will start to fight Maril. Get Maril down to half health to complete the level.

Easily complete Level 20

Note: There are two different endings to this level. To get the good ending, do not use a map-type weapon or special ability. To get the bad ending, use a map-type weapon or a special. Use Yoh's friends to defeat the Millennium Force leaders. You can also use Yoh, as long as he does not die. You do not have to defeat any of the leader's henchmen. It is recommended that somebody remain with Yoh just in case. Next, you must battle Zeobide. Make sure he does not battle you. It is recommended that you check his capability and stay out of his attacking range, and attack when he is in your advantage range. It is also recommended that you use a Strength Talisman on Yoh and the person that is helping him. Then, you should save. Next, fight Zeobide. Block all his moves and hit him at any open opportunities. Do not kill Maril, or the game will end. Do not use too much Furyuku, because you must use an ultimate attack. When you have two Claws Of Venerability full with color (the circle that fills up with colors with three claws under it), use Halo Blade, (L1 + R1 and Up). Make sure Zeobide does not block it. A picture of Amedamaru and your character should appear. Zeobide will lose a lot of health, but probably will not die. While he is down, run up to him and keep hitting him while he is down and getting back up; do not allow him to hit you. If done correctly, Zeobide will die and you will complete the game.

Halo Blade for Yoh

You will learn this special move after you read the Tome Of The Shaman. Press L1 + R1, Up to execute it.

Getting enough energy for Halo Blade

Make sure you have enough Furyoku in the bar. Also, your Furyoku in the circle must be in the red. Note: To make the ball go red, do a normal punch (Square) or keep on blocking there attacks. However, do not block too long or you will get KOed.

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