Suikoden Tactics


Note: This game is also titled Rhapsodia.

Suikoden 4 bonuses

Load a Suikoden 4 saved game file with 108 stars when prompted when starting a new game. This will alternate some dialog in the game and give the ability to acquire two additional Suikoden 4 related characters (Hero IV and Snowe) in the game. To find Hero IV, return to the Island Nations just before the event at the Laboratory on Kooluk continent. Go to Obel, then speak to Lino under "Gossip". Go to the deserted island, travel to the coast, then help Hero IV defeat some monsters. Hero IV will have the name given to him on your Suikoden 4 saved game file. To find Snowe, first get Hero IV in your party then go to Razril. Talk to the little boy under "Gossip". Help Snowe defeat the Furballs in the back alley.

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game and save when prompted to unlock the "New Game+" option. Load your cleared game file to begin with all previously earned money, items, equipment (not runes), and skills from your first playthrough. Additionally, press Start to during intermission sequences to skip them.

Easy experience, money, and skill points

Go to the Obel Ruins and enter the first floor repeatedly until you face six Flying Lizards and three Skeletons. After killing the lizards, you can box in the three Skeletons and kill them repeatedly, as they keep regenerating. Use a controller with an auto-fire feature and keep X held. Repeat this for as long as desired. Note: Make sure to use characters who will not die with one hit, as every now and then they may actually get a successful attack. Any healing that is needed is usually covered in the leveling up, but you can use Element Beads or Runes to charge the area under your fighter to give them healing every round, as well as a stat bonus.

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