Tales Of The Abyss

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Original Dragon Buster costume in Tales Of Dragon Buster

Start a Tales Of Dragon Buster mini-game at Namco Isle and press L1 + R1 + Triangle at the title screen. You will have the classic Dragon Buster character's costume, retro music, and retro sound effects.

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Very Hard and Unknown difficulty setting and "Game Record" and "Sound Test" options at the main menu. Additionally, start a new game with the cleared game file to have access to the Grade Shop.

Get Asch in your party permanently

In the OverWorld, when there is no loading occurring, open the disc tray and remove the game disc, then shut the disc tray. Without the game disc, you can go anywhere in the OverWorld. Once you got to the desired spot, open the disc tray and put game disc back in, then close the disc tray. You can get Asch on the Albiorl and leave Luke forever in the Mushroom Road with this trick. Note: You will lose Luke if you do this.

Final Fantasy 7 reference

During the game you will learn of the underworld know as the Qlipoth. However, the trees that hold the over world up are called the Sephiroth.

Tales Of Symphonia reference

Go to Daath after you defeat Mohs in the Radiation Gate. Go into the Chapel and talk to the replica twice. The second time you talk to him, he will say, "........Ze....los..... Di..ed..." The person that he is referring to is Zelos from Tales Of Symphonia.

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