Bonus venues

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding venue:

    Armory: Win all the U.S. Army Base matches in the Armory Arena.
    England: Accumulate 420,000 Style Points.
    Freedom Center: Win all your matches in the Freedom Center Arena.
    Japan: Win all of your matches in Japan.
    Mexico: Win the Gauntlet Match in Mexico.
    Vegas: Win your match in the Vegas Arena.

Bonus wrestlers

Successfully complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the corresponding character in Exhibition mode. Note: Style Points accumulated in Exhibition mode will also count towards those rewards.

    Abyss: Defeat Abyss.
    Brother Ray: Defeat Team 3D.
    Don West: Accumulate 250,000 Style Points.
    Eric Young: After getting partnered with Eric Young, win a Tag Team match with him.
    Jay Lethal: Defeat Jay Lethal.
    Jeff Jarrett: Successfully complete Story mode.
    Kevin Nash: Defeat Kevin Nash.
    Senshi: Accumulate 200,000 Style Points.
    Sonjay Dutt: Defeat Sonjay Dutt.
    Tomko: Win the Tomko and AJ Styles Tag Team match.
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