Treasure Planet


Level select

At the main menu, press R2, Left, Right, R1, L1, Up, Down, L2.


At the main menu, press L2, Square, L1, Circle, R2, Square, L1, Circle.

Infinite musket ammunition

At the main menu, press Square, L1, R1, Up, Circle, L2, R2, Down.

Flycam option

At the main menu, press Up, L1, Down, R1, R2, Down, L2, Up.

Gallery FMV sequences

At the main menu, press Circle, L2, Left, R1, R2, Right, L1.

View all intermission sequences

At the main menu, press Right, Circle, Square(2), R1, R2, Left, L2.

Debug information

At the main menu, press Left, L1(2), Right, R1(2), Up, Down.

Reach higher locations

In a Solar Surfing level, to reach higher places on the Solar Surfer, press Left Analog-stick Down after jumping off any platform or ramp.


In a non-Solar Surfing level, do not destroy all the barrels you encounter. Save a strategic few so that you can retrace your steps when your health is low to gather the energy stored inside them.

Solar Surfing

When Solar Surfing, be careful not to go too fast. You might miss a ring on green energy.


In Solar Surfing levels, during the Races, go for the Gold first. Get a fast time without worrying about collecting everything because you can always replay the level to get all the items. The turbo boosts can help a great deal with your time. In non-Solar Surfing levels, check walls for hidden areas; sometimes you will see some damage that may need investigating.

Defeating John silver

In a John Silver battle, duck to avoid Silver's yellow bullets. Make sure Jim is not on the Morph Pad.

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