Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria


Seraphic Gate

Successfully complete the game and save when prompted after the credits. A new option will be unlocked on the world map that allows access to the Seraphic Gate dungeon through the cleared saved game file. Note: After completing Seraphic Gate, you can replay it with stronger enemies.

Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "New Game+" option. While entering a battle in the New Game +, hold L1 to hear music from the original Valkyrie Profile. While entering a battle in the New Game +, hold L2 to hear random music.

Successfully complete the game, then start a new game. The new game will increase in difficulty, depending on the amount of times the game has been previously been completed. This is indicated by the number and size of the crystals that appear on the main screen.

Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task at Seraphic Gate to unlock the corresponding character:

    Dylan: Defeat Gabriel Celestia on Floor 1.
    Freya: Defeat Freya on Floor 4.
    Hrist: Defeat Woden on Floor 2.
    Lenneth: Defeat Woden on Floor 2.
    Leone: Defeat Gabriel Celestia on Floor 1.
    Lezard: Defeat Obsessed Ex on Floor 3.
    Silmeria: Defeat Woden on Floor 2.
    Valkyrie: Defeat Ethereal Queen on Floor 5.

Two player mode

To play along with a partner in the battles, press Select to go to the menu, then go to "Party configuration". In the box where you can change the characters position, press Triangle on the character you want player two to control.

Easy experience

After defeating the Ballistic Rhino at the end of Royal Underground Path, you can fight it repeatedly. When prompted, go into the altar. You only get 1600+ experience points and 290 OTH, but you can also get a Baraka (an accessory that increases a character's HP).

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