World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks

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Destroying blimps

Use a satellite or artillery strike to blow up the blimp in levels with them.

Special Domination match

If you have two players on Domination match with no AI players, each person can control three emitters, preferably the ones near their base. This allows each player to have an equal "army" of drone tanks. This can also be done with three players, with each player having two emitters. With four players, there will be an uneven amount of emitters so that they can remain neutral or players can fight for control of them. This special Domination match cannot be done with CPU controlled opponents as they will try to capture all emitters. This match can be very fun, especially on certain levels.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)EC87849C 1456E79B
Infinite Lives1C638D34 1456E7A6
Invincibility P14CB84A68 1456E7A6
All Weapons4CB84A6C 1456E7A6
Reverse Gravity4CB84A70 1456E7A6
Pig Missiles4CB84A74 1456E7A6
Homing Artillery4CB84A80 1456E7A6
Extra Power-Ups4CB84A7C 1456E7A6
High Speed Shrapnel4CB84A88 1456E7A6
Matrix Camera4CB84A78 1456E7A6
Blurred Screen4CB84A84 1456E7A6
Yellow Effects4CB84A8C 1456E7A6

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