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Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
M. Hingis Codes
Max TotalCE93BFDA BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BFE4 BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93BEA6 BC413102
First PlaceCE93BFE6 BCA99B83
J. Dokic Codes
Max TotalCE93BEA2 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BEA2 BCA99B83
Max MoneyDE93BE6E BC413102
First PlaceCE93BEAE BCA99B83
S. Asagoe Codes
Max TotalCE93BE6A BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BE74 BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93BE36 BC413102
First PlaceCE93BE76 BCA99B83
L. Davenport Codes
Max TotalCE93BE32 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BE3C BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93BDFE BC413102
First PlaceCE93BE3E BCA99B83
S. Williams Codes
Max TotalCE93BDFA BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BD84 BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93BD46 BC413102
First PlaceCE93BD86 BCA99B83
M. Seles Codes
Max TotalCE93BD42 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BD4C BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93BD0E BC413102
First PlaceCE93BD4E BCA99B83
A. Coetzer Codes
Max TotalCE93BDD2 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BDDC BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93BC9E BC413102
First PlaceCE93BDDE BCA99B83
J. Capriati Codes
Max TotalCE93BC9A BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BCA4 BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93BC66 BC413102
First PlaceCE93BCA6 BCA99B83
A. Sugiyama Codes
Max TotalCE93BC62 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BC6C BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93BC2E BC413102
First PlaceCE93BC6E BCA99B83
K. Clijsters Codes
Max TotalCE93BC2A BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BC34 BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93BCF6 BC413102
First PlaceCE93BC36 BCA99B83
C. Black Codes
Max TotalCE93BCF2 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93BCFC BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93B3BE BC413102
First PlaceCE93B3FE BCA99B83
A. Huber Codes
Max TotalCE93B302 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93B30C BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93B3CE BC413102
First PlaceCE93B30E BCA99B83
A. Sanchez Codes
Max TotalCE93B302 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93B30C BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93B3CE BC413102
First PlaceCE93B30E BCA99B83
S. Testud Codes
Max TotalCE93B3CA BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93B3D4 BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93B296 BC413102
First PlaceCE93B3D6 BCA99B83
L. Krasnoroutskaya Codes
Max TotalCE93B292 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93B29C BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93B25E BC413102
First PlaceCE93B29E BCA99B83
E. Dementieva Codes
Max TotalCE93B25A BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93B264 BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93B226 BC413102
First PlaceCE93B266 BCA99B83
A. Stevenson Codes
Max TotalCE93B222 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93B22C BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93B2EE BC413102
First PlaceCE93B22E BCA99B83
M. Lunic Codes
Max TotalCE93B2EA BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93B2F4 BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93B1B6 BC413102
First PlaceCE93B2F6 BCA99B83
K. Srebotnik Codes
Max TotalCE93B1B2 BCA9C292
Max QualityCE93B1BC BCA9C292
Max MoneyDE93B17E BC413102
First PlaceCE93B1BE BCA99B83

Note: All codes are for the first save file in tour mode.

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