Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night

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Play as Bloodless

Enter "BLOODLESS" as a case-sensitive file name when starting a new game to play as the Vampiress, Bloodless. You will start from the room where Bloodless is normally battled at the upper corridors of the Dian Cécht Cathedral. Note: The game must be Version 1.18 or higher for this code to work.

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes as your file name when starting a new game to unlock the corresponding item, weapon, or mode:

    "A Kinda Funny Mask" accessory: TEAMFAT
    Big Head mode: BIGHEAD
    "Big Mustache" accessory: AWESOMEVIDEOGAMES
    "Clockwork Blade" weapon: JEPSON
    "Darkness Descends" weapon: ALPHAOMEGASIN
    "Dominus" weapon: Akuma
    "Dumping Helmet" head: INTHEBATHROOM
    "Dungeonite Sword" weapon: DUNGEONITE
    "Final Hour" weapon: TheSpeedGamers
    "Game Sack Strip" weapon: 8MEGAPOWER
    "Guardian Egg Helm" head: EGGFARM
    "Hey I'm Grump" accessory: Egoraptor
    "I'm Not So Grump" accessory: Grumps
    "Mega64 Helmet" head: Jarvis Meower
    "Plague Doctor Face" accessory: swimmingbird
    "Sicilian Slicer" weapon: STEPHENPLAYS
    "Space Helmet" head: chuggaaconroy
    "The-Baz Mask" accessory: BULLFIGHTER
    Unlock Hard/Nightmare modes: NIGHTMARE
    "Vine Sword" weapon: SPONGYVINE

Infinite MP

Collect 100% of the shards. Then, go to Arvantville and enter Johanne's room to find a chest in the middle of the room that contains Gebel's Glasses, which give unlimited MP when equipped.

Infinite ammo

Successfully complete all of Susie's cooking quests to get the Recycle hat that gives unlimited ammo when worn.

Play as Lili

Obtain the Bunny Morphosis shard from Lili to unlock her.

Play as Shovel Knight

Obtain the EX Shovel Armor from Shovel Armor to unlock Shovel Knight.

Sound mode

Successfully complete the game with the "Good" ending to unlock Sound mode at the main menu. Sound mode allows you to play music, sound effects, and voices from the game. It also features "special messages."

Equip Bloodbringer as weapon and familiar

Create a shortcut with Bloodbringer as the weapon, but leave the familiar shard blank. The rest of the set does not matter. Next, unequip your weapon and set Bloodbringer as a familiar. Then, switch to the shortcut you created to equip Bloodbringer as a weapon and familiar. Note: You can now save a new shortcut with both set to make this quicker in the future. The reason this works is because the game does not change some of your currently equipped gear/shards if there is nothing to change to in that gear/shard slot.

Easy money

After encountering Harry, he will plant seeds and grow crops to share with you. You can buy seeds from Dominique in the shop nearby. Buy as many Rice Seeds as possible and have Harry plant one. Then, leave through the door to the right. Enter and exit Harry's screen five times (you will see the rice grow a bit each time you enter). The rice stalk will be yellowish on top when it is done. Talk to him and he will give you 10 Rice. Dominique sells Rice Seeds for 100 each, but she will buy the 10 Rice for 160. Note: You can only carry 99 Rice at a time. Thus, make sure to sell them before harvesting more or you will lose them.

Fight the Librarian

Borrow the Tome Of Conquest at the Librarian O.D. Then, proceed to a room located at Glacial Tomb (two rooms to the left of the area's warp portal) to encounter the Librarian, ready to battle for not returning his valuable book. He is fairly strong. Defeat him to get a shard that allows you to stop time. Additionally, return to his library after defeating him, and he will be wearing a costume mask and allow you to borrow all his books at once.

Secret treasure chests

After obtaining the Invert shard, go to the room directly below OD's library to find a chute beneath his chair. Use the Invert shard to push him up to the ceiling, then use the Invert again to return things to normal. If done correctly, two treasure chests will appear when you land back on the floor. One treasure chest contains the Nose Glasses item, and the other one contains the Macaroni and Cheese. This secret is a reference to a similar one found in Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.

Piano recital

Equip the Caraboose fairy familiar shard (if you do not have it, just kill lots of Caraboose pink fairies until you get it), and go to the piano area in the Garden Of Silence. Sit at the chair in front of the piano and wait for a moment. Miriam will start playing the piano and Caraboose Familiar will start singing alongside her.

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