Minecraft Dungeons

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Secret dungeons

Search the indicted location on any difficulty to find the corresponding dungeon. Some hidden dungeon locations are randomized —- they will not appear every time you enter a zone, and the zones may need to be replayed multiple times to find the hidden entrance.

    Arch Haven: It is found in the Pumpkin Pastures zone. You will need to revisit Pumpkin Pastures often for it to appear. Look for a ship that spawns on the map. It may take 5-7 replays to find it.

    Creepy Crypt: It is found in the Creeper Woods zone. Look for an optional path down the forest to an opening with a small stone structure -- interact to unlock the interior. This should appear every time. Keep your map open to see the hidden forest path.

    Soggy Caves: It is found in the Soggy Swamp zone. It is located down an optional path that leads to a temple building, similar to the Creepy Crypt. This one appears more rarely —- check how many secrets are on your map. If there are less than three, the entrance will not spawn.

    Underhalls: It is found in the Highblock Halls zone. Keep your map open, and reach an area with two hanging shields. Interact with a shield to unlock the path to the hidden area. You will find it as you explore the main path.

Secret Panda Plateau level ("Jungle Awakens" DLC)

Travel to the "Cross The Canyon" objective in Dingy Jungle (first area of the DLC) and look for an optional, alternative path off the main road. If there is not a path in this area, or the path does not lead to an entrance, you will need to exit and restart to regenerate the seed. Eventually, a door will appear at the end of the path. Inside, activate three switches to lower the barrier leading to the Panda Plateau scroll. Collect the scroll to unlock access to the secret Panda Plateau level at the zone select menu. Panda Plateau is a great place to unlock since it is quick, and there are lots of chests to obtain, which includes valuable obsidian chests and 5+ gold chests. It is the best place to farm for pure loot.

Easy unique loot

Enter the "???" level. Run past the random mobs and proceed straight to the boss. Defeat the boss to have a 50% chance of the boss dropping unique gear. The following are some of the unique items that can drop from the Mooshroom boss at the end of the "???" level:

    Armors: Fox Armor
    Bows: Feral Soul Crossbow, Firebolt Thrower, Imploding Crossbow, Void Caller
    Melee weapons: Broadsword, Flail, Frost Scythe, Heart Stealer, Jailer's Scythe, Sun's Grace

It is recommended to equip armor with +Movement and the Swift-Footed enchantment to help you speed past enemies and reach the boss quicker. The Ghost Cloak is helpful for easily escaping tricky encounters. For high damage, equip Deathcap and Gong Of Weakening. The more players you do this with, the faster it will be, especially if you all equip artifacts to keep your damage output fast. If you are working as a team and have movement boosts, you can complete the "???" level and boss in less than two minutes per run. This farming method is even more useful when you are struggling to earn PL gear that is higher than 100.

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