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Squad Stories

Squad Stories are special chapters you can unlock by frequently using characters in battle. All two or three characters must be alive and available to unlock a Squad Story. You do not need to frequently use all the characters required for a squad story. You only need to use one. To unlock a character's squad story, use them often —- approximately 20 CP uses in campaign missions, or 40 CP uses in skirmish missions total. Use the indicated character sets to unlock the corresponding Squad Story:

    A Prayer For The Broken (Chapter 3): Nico, Rosetta, Godwin
    Gambler's Ruin (Chapter 3): Connor, Jester, Teresa
    Honor, Pride And Regret (Chapter 3): Rebecca, Fleuret, Mabel (special recruit)
    Like Old Times (Chapter 3): Curtis, Laurent, Eileen (special recruit)
    Mischief Makers (Chapter 3): Emmy, Viola, Simon (special recruit)
    Girl In The Iron Mask (Chapter 4): Ferrier, Jean, Stanley
    Treading New Ground (Chapter 4): Dan, Aulard
    Unfortunate Souls (Chapter 5): Jimmy, Lily, Odin
    Worlds Apart (Chapter 5): Vancey, Zaiga, Gertrude (special recruit)
    All The Single Ladies (Chapter 6): Rita, Millenia, Brittany
    Legacies Left (Chapter 8): Ryan, Keigel, Ronald
    The Price Of Skill (Chapter 8): Leonhardt, Neige, Aladdin
    Love And Logic (Chapter 9): Hanna, Jascha, Aoife
    To Live Unbound (Chapter 9): Azusa, Norid, Scott
    A Chivalrous Heart (post-game): Christel, Minerva
    Reluctant Solitude (post-game): Louffe, Stahlschrott
    Soul Of The Navy (post-game): Andre, Brian, Sergio

Special recruits

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding special recruit:

    Andre (Engineer): Successfully complete the "Through The Fire" post-game chapter.
    Brian (Scout): Successfully complete the "Through The Fire" post-game chapter.
    Christel (Scout): Use the Cenotaph in the post-game.
    Eileen (Engineer): Curtis goes into Critical, then is rescued.
    Gertrude (Lancer): Save 1,000,000 DCT.
    Louffe (Grenadier): Successfully complete the "Through The Fire" post-game chapter.
    Mabel (Sniper): Successfully complete three Squad Stories.
    Sergio (Lancer): Successfully complete the "Through The Fire" post-game chapter.
    Simon (Shocktrooper): Earn 5 Decorations.
    Stahlschrott (Grenadier): Successfully complete the "Into The Woods" post-game chapter.

Reviving dead characters

Successfully complete the main campaign to unlock the "Cenotaph" option in the HQ. This allows you to use DCT to revive lost characters. Characters only need to be revived if they have been hit with permadeath, which only occurs if a character is put into a critical state and not rescued. The Cenotaph can revive permadeath characters multiple times, but the DCT price increases for each death. There does not appear to be any limit on the amount of times a character can be killed and revived. Even plot-important characters can be revived, including Christel and Raz. However, reviving Raz has a special requirement. To revive Raz, complete the "Beneath The Frost" Hard skirmish to unlock the "Smells Like Dad" episode. Watch that episode in Chapter 13 to unlock the ability to revive Raz and his companion.

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