Alien Syndrome

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Hard mode

Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the Hard difficulty setting.

Expert mode

Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock the Expert difficulty setting.

Duplicate items

Note: This trick requires two Wii-motes and Nunchucks. This trick allows you to duplicate any desired items, then SCARAB for more resource points. You can also give high powered equipment found by one advanced character to a lower level chracater you may have on a different file. Load the saved game file of the character with items you wish to duplicate. Go to the load game screen where you must press A to chose how many players there are. Press A on Player 1's Wii-mote to activate Player 1. This is the player that has the items to be duplicated. Then, choose "Import Character" with Player 2's Wii-mote. Select the same saved game file you just loaded, and choose the same character with Player 2's Wii-mote. You now have two of the same character. Once the game begins, drop all of Player 2's items, and pick them up with Player 1. Save the game, then reload it again without activating Player 2. You can now get two of everything you can drop. You can also buy ammunition and such from your SCARAB with Player 2's character and drop it, thus not spending any resource points on Player 1's character. If you do this often, it may wipe out all the items that can be made by your SCARAB and the screen will appear blank. To fix this, just play the game normally for a while, SCARAB a few random things, and it will all return to normal.

Recommended character

It is recommended that you start out as a Seal, and use laser weapons so that you will never run out of ammunition.

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