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Bonus photos

At the "Press Start" screen, quickly press Blue, Yellow, Orange(3), Blue(3), Yellow, Orange to unlock bonus photos. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. On a Wii-mote, quickly press 1, 2, B three times, 1 three times, 2, B.

"The End" song

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock "The End" song from Abbey Road.


Successfully complete the indicated chapter in Story mode to unlock the corresponding challenge:

    The Cavern '63: Chapter 1
    The Ed Sullivan Show '64: Chapter 2
    Shea Stadium '65: Chapter 3
    Budokan '66: Chapter 4
    Abbey Road '66-'67: Chapter 5
    Abbey Road '67-'68: Chapter 6
    Abbey Road '68-'69: Chapter 7
    Apple Corps Rooftop: Chapter 8


Successfully complete the following tasks to unlock all 108 photos:

    Get three stars on each song in Story mode to unlock a photo.

    Get five stars on each song in Story mode to unlock a photo.

    Successfully complete a chapter in Story mode with at least three stars on all songs to unlock a photo.

    Successfully complete the following challenges with the indicated number of total stars to unlock more photos:

      The Cavern '63: 20 stars
      The Ed Sullivan Show '64: 20 stars
      Shea Stadium '65: 25 stars
      Budokan '66: 25 stars
      Abbey Road '66-'67: 30 stars
      Abbey Road '67-'68: 30 stars
      Abbey Road '68-'69: 35 stars
      Apple Corps Rooftop: 30 stars

    Successfully complete Chapter 8 to unlock the final two secret photos.


Get the indicated number of photos to unlock the corresponding secret prize in the "Prizes (Secrets)" gallery in Story mode:

    The Beatles Christmas Record: 1 photo
    Secret 2: 11 photos
    Secret 3: 31 photos
    Secret 4: 51 photos
    Secret 5: 71 photos
    Get Back Promotion Video: 90 photos


Successfully complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the corresponding movie:

    Intro movie: Begin Story mode.
    Chapter 1 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 1.
    Chapter 2 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 2.
    Chapter 3 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 3.
    Chapter 4 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 4.
    Chapter 5 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 5.
    Chapter 6 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 6.
    Chapter 7 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 7.
    Chapter 8 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 8.
    Outtro movie: Successfully complete Story mode.
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