Corey Feldman Interview


Big Dub Hustle Club stage

Successfully complete Story mode with all characters to unlock the Big Dub Hustle Club stage.


Successfully complete Story mode with the indicated character to unlock the corresponding song in Karaoke and Dance mode:

    Boogie Oogie Oogie: Bubba
    Dancing In The Street: Julius
    Love Shack: Lea
    SOS (Rescue Me): Jet
    Tu y Yo: Kato

3-D music video

After completing a song on any stage, you will have the option to make a music video. Select that option. You may then get the option to edit with effects. One symbol has pair of 3-D glasses. Select them, and continue editing your song. When you watch the song after you are done editing the part with the 3-D glasses, it will have the symbol of the glasses in the corner of the screen. If you pause the music video at that point and put on real 3-D glasses, that scene will appear in 3-D.

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