Cooking Mama: Cook Off

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Cracking eggs

Hold the Wii-mote up in the air vertically, and bring it down as if there is an actual bowl in front of you.

Egg bonus

Crack three eggs at the same time on the first try to get bonus points.

Flipping the frying pan

Flick your wrist as you would with a real pan to flip the items it contains. If you make three consecutive flips, you will get bonus points.

Heating the stove

In some recipes you can turn the heat up or down on the stove before the direction reaches that line.

Meat grinding

Hold the Wii-mote horizontally in your hand, and make a cranking motion just like an actual meat grinder.

Rolling truffles

Place the Wii-mote flat in the palm of your hand, like an actual truffle. Then, roll the Wii-mote just like a truffle.


Hold the Wii-mote upside down, and stir it as if it is an actual spoon.

Put food on Mama's head

When making chiffon cake in the stage where you blend the dough, blend it a little too violently so that it spills. When Mama appears at the stage ranking screen, her hair will be full of purple dough. You can also do it with Salisbury steak and hamburger. When you are frying the burger at the last "turn over!" shake, shake it too hard. It will jump out of the pan, and Mama will have it on her head at the ranking screen. Note: This can only be done in Practice mode, where you get a rank for every stage.

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