Crash Of The Titans

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Infinite spin time for Old Skool move

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Old Skool" move with unlimited spin time.

Free Kick move

Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock the Free Kick move.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skin for Crash:

    Battler: Jack 35 Battlers.
    Bratgirl: Defeat 130 Brat Girls.
    Doom Monkey: Defeat 500 Doom Monkeys.
    EE-Lectric: Jack 50 EE-Lectrics.
    Goar: Jack 30 Goars.
    Halloween: Successfully complete 50% of the game.
    Koo-ala: Defeat 150 Koo-Alas.
    Magmadon: Jack 50 Magmadons.
    Ratnician: Defeat 200 Ratnicians.
    Rhinoroller: Jack 30 Rhinorollers.
    Scorporilla: Jack 15 Scorporillas.
    Shellephant: Jack 15 Shellephants.
    Sludge: Jack 50 Sludges.
    Snipe: Jack 50 Snipes.
    Spike: Jack 50 Spikes.
    Stench: Jack 50 Stenches.
    Valentine: Collect all Gold Idols.
    Voodoo Bunnie: Defeat 200 Voodoo Bunnies.

Easy jacks

Wear a skin that matches the creature to be jacked. A single hit will knock it out, allowing it to be jacked easily.

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