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Super Guide mode

Intentionally fail a level eight times. You will now be able to hit a green "Super Guide" block marked with a "!" in the level. This will set the game on auto-pilot, and Luigi will automatically complete the level for you. Note: This is not available in World 9.

Save option

Successfully complete the game. A "Save" option will replace the "Quick Save" option, allowing you to save anywhere on the map.

World 9

Successfully complete the game to unlock World 9. The levels in World 9 are only unlocked when all Star Coins are collected in Worlds 1 through 8.

    Level 9-1: Collect all Star Coins in World 1.
    Level 9-2: Collect all Star Coins in World 2.
    Level 9-3: Collect all Star Coins in World 3.
    Level 9-4: Collect all Star Coins in World 4.
    Level 9-5: Collect all Star Coins in World 5.
    Level 9-6: Collect all Star Coins in World 6.
    Level 9-7: Collect all Star Coins in World 7.
    Level 9-8: Collect all Star Coins in World 8.
    Level 9-9: Collect all Star Coins in all previous levels of World 9.

Title screen stars

Successfully complete one of the indicated tasks to unlock a star at the title screen:

    1. Successfully complete the game.
    2. Successfully complete all normal levels.
    3. Collect all 207 Star Coins in Worlds 1 through 8.
    4. Successfully complete World 9 with all 24 Star Coins.
    5. Successfully complete all levels with all alternate paths (all Warp Cannons and Mushroom Houses used).
    6. Successfully complete all levels without unlocking the Super Guide Block (do not die eight times) to unlock sparkling stars.

Mushroom houses

In a level with a white Toad marker, listen for Toad when the level begins, then break the "?" block that he is inside to free him. Reach the end of the level, and a mushroom house will appear. One of the following types of mushroom house with a mini-game or reward will appear, depending on the last number of the timer when you collect the flag at the end of the level:

    Green house with 1-Up Cannon mini-game: Last number of the timer is 0, 1, 2 or 3.
    Red house with Match mini-game: Last number of the timer is 4, 5 or 6.
    Gold house with Star reward: Last number of the timer is 7, 8 or 9.

Successfully complete the game to have all Mushroom Houses in Worlds 1 through 8 reappear.

Alternate paths

The following levels have secret exits:

World 1

    Level 1-3: Cannon

World 2

    Level 2-4: Warp pipe directly to the castle
    Level 2-6: Cannon

World 3

    Ghost House: Cannon
    Level 3-4: Warp to Level 3-5 or castle
    Level 3-5: Star Mushroom House

World 4

    Fortress: Cannon
    Ghost House: Star Mushroom House

World 5

    Ghost House: Cannon

World 6

    Level 6-5: Castle back door
    Level 6-6: Cannon

World 7

    Fortress: Warp to Level 7-6
    Ghost House: Warp to Level 7-5

World 8

    Level 8-2: Warp to Level 8-7

Alternate endings

Successfully complete the game with less than 100 Star Coins, and the Princess will say "Did I ever tell you about the Secret World?".

Successfully complete the game will all Star Coins from Worlds 1 through 8, and the Princess will say "Oh Mario, tell me about your adventure again!". Alternately, successfully complete the game two times.

Hint movies

Collect all three Star Coins on a level to unlock the Hint movie for that particular level.

Hatless Mario

Get 99 lives to have Mario not wear his hat. If you complete a level with 99 lives, Mario will not be wearing a hat at the map screen or the next level. He will wear a hat again if his lives drop below 99.

Infinite lives

In World 2-3, just past the two Piranha Plants (after the mid-level point), you will come to a staircase with a turtle coming down it. Jump on the turtle just as it is about to go off the third stair (third from the bottom). If done correctly, Mario will continue to jump on the turtle and earn up to 99 lives. If you miss the turtle, go back towards the left and return to the staircase and the turtle will respawn. This is a reference to the original Super Mario Bros., in which you could do the same trick to get unlimited lives.

Go to World 7-4 as Mini Mario. Go through the stage while staying on the left side. You will eventually see a "?" box and a ledge. Jump on the box then to the ledge. Jump off the ledge, making sure to stay against the wall and you will reach a platform with a pipe leading to a red flagpole. You will unlock a 1-Up Mushroom House to the north of World 7-4, which never disappears. You can continue to get 1-Ups until you reach your maximum of 99.

In World 7-5, throw a Koopa shell in-between the two Bullet Bill cannons to get an extra life every four seconds.

Easy lives

While riding on a Yoshi, jump on the bullets seven or eight times to get extra lives.

Kill eight enemies while using a star to get an extra life. You can keep it going until the star runs out if you are fast enough.

Kill eight enemies with a turtle shell to get an extra life. You can keep hitting the turtle shell until there are no more enemies if you run fast enough.

Jump on seven turtles to get an extra life. You can keep jumping on the turtles until there are no more to jump on if you are fast enough.

Freeze the Pokeies, then do a quick Ground Pound to get at least five extra lives.

Easy coins

Stand still, then Spin Jump on a dancing flower to get a coin.

Head protection

Stand in front of a small item such as a turtle shell, and press 1 and shake the Wii-mote while picking it up. Hold it over your head to protect against falling objects.

Avoiding random encounters

To avoid encountering random enemies on the world map, activate a Star from your item menu.

Double Ground Pound

In Multiplayer mode, have both players do a Ground Pound (press [Jump], Down) and hit the ground simultaneously to perform a Double Ground Pound that can kill nearby enemies similarly to using a POW Block.

Stealing teammate's Red Mushroom House turn

In Multiplayer mode, do a Ground Pound on your teammate to steal their turn in a Red Mushroom House match game.

Hidden player sounds

In Multiplayer mode, when someone runs out of lives during a level, they can hold the D-pad in any direction and press 1 and 2 to make sounds such as a cowbell, drums, clapping, and horn.

Super Mario Bros. reference

Successfully complete the first level or any level while rescuing a captured toadstool in Single Player mode to hear end of level music from Super Mario Bros.

At the end of any stage except Bosses, touch the flag when the last two digits of the clock are the same (for example, 311, 222, 099, 111). When the flag is lowered, the old chime (for clearing a level) from Super Mario Bros. will play as you walk into the castle. Once inside, and the flag is raised, fireworks will go off corresponding with the number repeated on the clock. For example, if the time is 099, then nine explosions will be set off; however, if it is 211, only one will go off. The time will also set off other events, as stated in other cheats listed.

Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Galaxy reference

During the introduction sequence, you can see Bowser Jr. and the other Koopalings leave after kidnapping Princess Peach and taking off in an airship from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Galaxy.

When you enter the airship, the background music is the airship song from Super Mario Galaxy.

Yoshi's Island series reference

After defeating the Koopa Kids once, Kamek will cast a spell to make them tougher for the rematch. In Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS, he also cast spells on those Bosses to make them tougher.

After you press the button during the Bowser fight, Kemek will cast a spell on Bowser to make him bigger and stronger. This also happens in Yoshi's Island DS.

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