No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

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Prequel bonus

Have a saved game file from the original No More Heroes to unlock all the masks previously obtained on the walls of your room.

New Game +

Successfully complete the game and save. Then, start a new game with the cleared saved game file to start with all your equipment and items from the first playthrough.

    Bitter mode: Successfully complete the game on the Sweet or Mild difficulty.
    BJ5 Extra difficulty: Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty without losing any lives.
    BJ5 video: Successfully complete the BJ5 mini-game, then select it at the TV menu.
    Death Match (Boss Rush): Successfully complete the game, then select it at the main menu.
    E3 trailer: Successfully complete the game, then select it at the TV menu.
    No Jacket: Successfully complete all the "Revenge" missions.

Memory Of Demon ability

Get Jeanethe cat's weight under 11 pounds by playing mini-games to unlock the Memory Of Demon ability from the original No More Heroes. To perform the move, shake the Nunchuk to do a damaging slash attack. Note: This uses more beam katana energy than normal.

Avoiding death

When Travis is out of health and begins to fall over, shake the Wii-mote + Nunchuk repeatedly. If done correctly, he will not die, and instead return with a small amount of health. Note: This can only be done a total of five times and has no effect if you are laying on the ground when you run out of health.

Control loading screen

At the loading screen, tap B repeatedly to make the star surrounding Travis' head spin faster. The faster you tap, the faster it will spin.

Easy money

In Job 7: "Getting Trashed", collect all the trash on Stages 3 and 4, and return it to the ship, except for one piece. Leave the last piece just outside the shuttle bay doors. Intentionally die by crashing into the planet or suffocating. When the game resumes, collect the last piece of trash to get an easy time bonus. You can get over 20,000 in Stage 3 and almost 100,000 in Stage 4.

Dark step attack

Block an attack, then quickly press Analog-stick Left or Right. Travis will side step and slow down time allowing you to get some extra hits.


Immediately before getting hit, press Z. This can also prevent damage from unblockable attacks. You can also attack immediately after parrying to do an instant charge attack.

Stronger death blow

After following the arrow prompt for a death blow, swing the Wii-mote in the same direction again to make the attack stronger.

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