Rayman: Raving Rabbids

Corey Feldman Interview


Challenge mode

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Challenge mode.

Bunny Hunt Time mode

Successfully complete all games in Bunny Hunt Score mode to unlock Bunny Hunt Time mode.

Bunny Hunt Survival mode

Successfully complete all games in Bunny Hunt Time mode to unlock Bunny Hunt Survival mode.

Story mode bonuses

Successfully complete all four tests in the indicated round in Story mode to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    "Misirlou" jukebox song: Round 1
    Dee-Jay costume: Round 2
    "Good Time" jukebox song: Round 3
    Gothic costume: Round 4
    "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" jukebox song: Round 5
    Rock 'n' Roll costume: Round 6
    "Hip Hop Hooray" jukebox song: Round 7
    Caramba costume: Round 8
    "La Bamba" jukebox song: Round 9
    Raymaninho costume: Round 10
    "Dark Iron Bunnies" jukebox song: Round 11
    Bunny costume: Round 12
    "The Butcher Deejay" jukebox song: Round 13
    "Ubisoft Montpellier Choir" jukebox song: Round 14
    Gold Cow trophy: Round 15

Score mode bonuses

Get the indicated number of points in Score mode to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    Alternate ending: 1,000,000 points
    Bunnies Can't Cook Eggs: 84,000 points
    Bunnies Can't Infiltrate Games Convention: 48,000 points
    French Bastille Day: 57,000 points

Dancing rabbits in shootout games

In any rabbit shootout game, if you find anything that plays music (boombox, phonograph, etc.), shoot it. It will begin to play music. If rabbits get too close to the music player they will start to dance instead of attacking you. Any rabbits far away will still try to attack.

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