The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the "EX Mission", "Music Viewer", and "Movie Viewer" options.


Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding medal:

    Airframe Collector: Collect all paint jobs.
    Around the World: Complete all missions.
    Brave Guardian: Prevent damage done to the Torrent.
    Excellent Ace: Shoot down Orishina in mission 17 in four minutes.
    Graceful Dancer: Get 200 TMC kills.
    Ground Striker: Get 250 ground kills.
    Heaven Striker: Get 800 kills.
    Noble Guardian: Prevent damage done to the Wolfram.
    Parts Expert: Collect all fuselage parts.
    Perfect Collector: Collect all possible add-ons.
    Royal Ace: Shoot down Kaida in under two and a half minutes.
    Sky Striker: Get 500 kills.
    Smash Hunter: Destroy Wolfram in six minutes.
    Top Ace: Shoot down Ukumori in three minutes.
    Weapons Master: Collect all weapons.
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