Star Trek: Conquest

Corey Feldman Interview


Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview


Successfully complete the game with the indicated race to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    The Breen: Sha Ka Ree map for Skirmish mode. This is the "God" system from Star Trek V.

    The Cardassians: Borg Unicomplex map for Skirmish mode

    The Dominion: Xindi Skrimish Set, which includes the Reptilian cruisers and Insectoid fighters

    The Federation: Second Federation Skirmish Set, which includes the Sovereign, Nebula, and Oberth vessels

    The Klingons: Borg Skirmish Set

    The Romulans: Talos IV map for Skirmish mode. This is from "The Cage/Menagerie" episodes of the original series.

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