Super Monkey Ball: Step And Roll

Corey Feldman Interview

Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview

Note: This game is also titled Super Monkey Ball Athletic.

Hidden bananas

Search the indicated locations to find the hidden bananas in each world:

    Monkey Island (Unripe Banana): Behind a wall in the "Chute" level.
    Excavation Site (Super Sweet Banana): Near the end on the "Starship" level.
    Chimpan Sea (Deep Sea Banana): Behind the wall near the end on the "Gate Switch" level.
    Far East (Sunrise Banana): While falling down on the last platform of the "Running Jumper" level.
    Polar Festival (Frozen Banana): Near the beginning the "Ecdysis" level on top of a wall. Note: Get a running start to collect it.
    Magma Valley (Flaming Banana): Near the beginning of the "Windows" level when you fall down.
    Siliconia (Techno Banana): At the top of the "Wormhole Slope" level, get a running start to reach it when going through the teleporter. Note: It is on the right of the level when you start.
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