Super Swing Golf: Season 2



Spinning Dolfini Phoenix

Win all Vs. COM Tournament modes in match play to unlock the Spinning Dolfini Phoenix.

Sunlight Ring

Win all Vs. COM Tournament modes in stroke play to unlock the Sunlight Ring, which adds +1 to all stats.

Bonus items

Collect the indicated number of coins to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    Arin's Gothic set: 84 coins
    Arin's Kasumi Ninja costume: 141 coins
    Arin's Pangya Cafe set: 90 coins
    Arin's Superior set: 93 coins
    Brie: 87 coins
    Cecilia's Demon Hunter costume: 150 coins
    Hana's Fancy Frilled Dress: 93 coins
    Kooh's Ayane: 153 coins
    Kooh's Little Fox Dress Up set: 90 coins
    Kooh's Mocchi costume: 141 coins
    Kooh's Pink Waitress set: 93 coins
    Kooh's School Gym set: 84 coins
    Lola's Midnight version: 96 coins
    Max's Hayabusa Ninja costume: 141 coins
    Max's Righteous Rider set: 84 coins
    Max's Tecmobowl costume: 153 coins
    Quma's Safari version : 96 coins
    Scout's Black Formal set: 90 coins
    Tiki's Sepia version: 96 coins
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