Trauma Team

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Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Specialist difficulty, Doctor Medals list, and Extra.

Star icon for saved game

Obtain all medals to have a star icon appear on your saved game file and unlock RONI's voice clip.

Voice clips

The following clips are unlocked throughout the game:

    Esha Patel: Wow that's amazing! I didn't expect you to be this great.
    Theodore Gacy: Heh ha ha, that's one hell of a spare you got there. What can I do to get you working for me?
    David Wayne: Marvelous. Have you ever considered about studying forensic medicine.
    Jacob Tillman: Hmmm. Not bad youngster, you've done your country a great service.
    Hanzou Kanadamaru: Remarkable, perhaps you should turn your eye to the art of shinobi next.
    Claire Blunt: Huh. That's amazing doctor, I'll bring you some leftovers the next time I make some.
    Joshua Cunningham: Wow. You're amazing doctor! I wanna be just like you someday.
    Yoshikage Tachibana: Hnngh such brilliance, by the way, have you ever considered marriage?
    Ian Holden: I see, very impressive! I'll make sure to tell HQ about your talents.
    Darnell Sellers: That's amazing! None of the medical students are like you.
    Emma Wilson: Wow! You're awesome! I really wish I knew what makes you tick.
    FBI Agent (Little Guy): Amazing! With you around the organization's gonna be- Uh... never mind.
    Alyssa Breslin: Wwwwwoooow. Did you earn all these, doctor? Can you teach me how you did it?
    Gabriel Cunningham: Not bad, not bad at all! Hey, how would you like to work for us?
    Hank Freebird: Hmm, astounding! You seem to have the talents and the passion to become a doctor.
    Tomoe Tachibana: You're skills are amazing. I'd love to talk to you about them sometime.
    Maria Torres: Hmmph, you're pretty damn good! Are you one of those medical whiz kids too?
    Naomi Kimishima: Excellent. You should be proud of your achievements.
    CR-S01: I see. One day you may be called a master of medicine.
    Rosalia Rossellini: Amazing! Me... my dad. You might be able to.
    Albert Sartre: Truly fantastic. I'd like to think of you as my own child.
    RONI: Performance succeeds measurement capacity. I calculate a 45% chance that you are not fully human.
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