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Photo Channel hints

    At the photo viewer menu, use the Wii-mote to select the cat that appears on the top title bar before it runs away. He will tell you hints about the system.

    Select a picture, and go into "Fun!" at the top of the screen. After a short time, you should see a cat. Catch the cat by pointing the Wii-mote over it and pressing A. After catching the cat, it will tell you various hints about the "Fun!" option.

    If you do a mood change to a movie file, the sound also changes.

    Press D-pad Down and select the eraser while doodling. This will undo some of your changes.

    During a slide show, press Plus or Minus to adjust the volume. You have more volume options with MP3 files than you do with the default music.

    Aim the pointer at a photo and press D-pad Up or Down and something will happen around the pointer.

    To easily move from a close-up of one photo to a close-up of the next, press D-pad Left or Right.

    While a photo is selected, press D-pad Up or Down and a censor-like blur will appear over the picture. It either gets smaller as you move the Wii-mote farther back or larger as you move it closer to the screen.

    When you have many photos on your SD Card, you can press D-pad Up or Down to scroll through them.

    To easily create composite photos, first use the scissors to cut a piece out of one photo, then move to the photo you want to paste that piece onto.

    The scissors in Doodle mode can do more than just cut. Press 1 while you cut or after you have cut.

    If you hold some buttons down, you may be able to scroll faster.

    By moving your Wii-mote closer to the sensor, you can increase the size of whatever tool you are using. For example, you can triple the size of your blue pencil. You can decrease the size by moving the Wii-mote farther away from the sensor.

Shoot fireballs

When Mario or Luigi run across the screen in their Fire Flower costume while downloading a game in the Shop channel, press B to shoot fireballs.

Moving Wii Channels around

When you move the Wii Pointer over a Wii Channel, hold A + B to move it to the left, right, or the bottom. Note: You cannot move the channel that you are playing games on.

News and Weather Channel hints cat

Use the Wii-mote to select the cat that appears in the News and Weather Channel for hints about that channel.

Turning Weather Channel globe

Hold A to grab the Earth. Then, move the Wii-mote to the left or right while still pointing at the screen. Release A when you move the globe and you will spin it.


Go to the News or Forecast Channel. Go to the globe. View the Earth as far back as you can, then go to Asia with The Philippines almost in the middle. Have a lot in the east, but make sure you can still see some blue. Look to the right of the world, and you will see the Orion constellation.

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